Top 8 Coolest Pokevision Alternatives You need to Try Now!!

by Zella

Pokevision arose out of the need to find a Pokémon without leaving the comfort of your home. It was used for tracking its location from Pokémon Go game. Then using the Niantic API, it finds the closest Pokémon and shows it on the map for you. This helps you to find and catch them quickly. Unfortunately, legal issues arose, and they had to take down the site. The makers of Pokevison were not at all affiliated with the makers of PokemonGo (Niantic).

List of Top 8 Coolest Pokevision Alternatives in 2023

If you still want to play PokémonGo without having to search for Pokémon, we have searched around and brought the best to you. Here are a list of Pokémon Alternatives to find Pokémon without moving an inch:

1. PokeFinder - Alternative Link


Built by the Pokémon community, for fans and lovers of the game, this app helps you track Pokémon in different locations. It has both the app and site version. It also has a site version that is compatible with any laptop and search app. It is very accurate in finding your Pokémon. All you need to do is to type in the location you wish to search, and then it gets you to the closest one available. You can also type in the specific name of the Pokémon you are looking for. They have compiled a full list for this. You won’t have a problem finding what you are looking for. This helps to streamline your focus, so that too many does not distract you.

You will need to sign up, or register to use the site. But from then on it is free and accessible to use. You can also submit a report when you find a Pokémon. This is all to make sure the information on their site is reliable for all users. It also has a feature to show where past Pokémon have been found . They show this on their accurate map. The validity of their map makes tracking very efficient and thus one of the best Pokevision alternatives out there.

2. Poke Hunter - Alternative Link

Poke Hunter
Poke Hunter

This is another beautiful replacement of the Pokevision . With this app, you accurately locate certain rare species of Pokémon. They put in the effort to make both their site and app as user friendly as possible. They have simplified the search features and bring precise results. They put the rare Pokémon on the map for you to find, and its precise location. The site is currently in Beta testing. This means they are working on it and testing the app to make sure it is in the best condition before being released to the public. It might become unavailable for certain corrections to be done . They also have a discord widget to discuss all things relating to the game, ask for help and find other Pokémon lovers. It is a great place to indulge in the community of people with similar interests as you.

3. Go Tools for Pokémon Go - Alternative Link

Go Tools for  Pokémon  Go.
Go Tools for Pokémon Go.

The uniquely long name of this app should not make you shy away from downloading it, nor using its site. This is one of the best Pokevision alternatives out there. It does much more than just finding your Pokémon. It has a feature to filter and bring you only the ones that are close to you, and a crowdsourced and interactive map to help search for the rare ones. The rare ones are found using reported sightings for other users. Then it helps to check the perfection of the Pokémon you already have. It also has a CP/Evolution Calculator to help search the Pokémon CP. They have also added a feature where you can filter to find only currently existing Pokémon. The expired ones appear a bit transparent and it can be easily identified . They are not affiliated with the Niantic company, and do not own any copyright material.

4. Pokémon Map

Also known as PogoMap, it is another cool alternative to the Pokevision app. It accurately tracks and discovers hidden Pokémon. It also provides you their real time location. They have made the app very easy to use and the user interface very friendly. It is also not affiliated with the owners of Pokémon Go and they do not own any of the copyright material. But this doesn’t stop you from using the app or the site. All you need to do is to type in your location and begin to find your Pokémon. What’s more , you do not need to sign up to use it. They also keep you up to date on their website with new features and updated versions. For example, they have currently updated their park highlight tool, to easily show parks in the game, so you can create your nests with ease. They even included Private maps which you can create and share. I don’t know, but if I were you, I would download right away or at least start with their app. You can also follow them on social media to view the latest Map News and other amazing features that will enhance experience of the game.

5. GO Tracking - Alternative Link

GO Tracking.
GO Tracking.

This Pokémon tracking app is the highest rated when it comes to finding rare species of Pokémon. They also make it easier to find a Pokémon near you by alerting you on its existence. Besides this, it allows you to find Major stops, Poke stops and gyms for your Pokémon. It is also very easy to use the tracker. All that is needed to use the app, is your location. There is no need to share any of your credentials with them, because they do not require it. Unfortunately this app is only available for Android users. So it will not work on any iOS devices. Albeit, it’s still one of the best Pokevision alternatives.

6. Pokenest - Alternative Link


This is another great tracking app to find the rarest of Pokémon’s. They ensured their app was web-compatible, so it can be used on any devices that you have. Unlike its fellow apps, this doesn’t just help you find your Pokémon, it helps you find the whole nest for the particular Pokémon you are looking for, so that you can get them all at once. They also have a very easy to use map , which helps you find the Pokémon and associated nest in real time. All the species you could ever look for, you will find in this app. They also let you know how powerful they are for your team, and how rare it is. It is fast becoming the to-go app, for the Pokémon Go game players because of these extra awesome features. You may have to sign up to access them. But it is completely worth it, because from then on, it is a bliss. All you need to do is to put in your desired address.

7. Poke Detector - Alternative Link

Poke Detector.
Poke Detector.

This app is always providing the exact location of any nearby Pokémon. They alert you using vibrations on your phone when one is detected . You need to create an account on the site, or sign up using your google account to access the features on the app. You will not find the app in Google Play Store. You need to download it directly from its official website, apkure or uptodown . It has a paid premium version which you need to buy using Paypal. With this upgrade, you can use the custom search feature to find certain Pokémon that is close by.

8. Pokemesh - Alternative Link


This app is very popular for helping you to find hidden Pokémon near your location. It means you will have access to all the rare and hard to find Pokémon. Plus you will also have the powerful ones to catch. They do this by first notifying you of any unique and rare species near you. Then when you find them you will be alerted of the new species to add to your game. On the map, they give you a full display of all available Pokémon, Pokegyms and Pokestops using varying icons. They show you to select what you are looking for and allow it it be displayed on your map.

One cooler feature about this app is you can set an alarm to catch any unique Pokémon whenever it appears in a particular selected area. They have all species on the app for you to find. You can download directly from apkmirror and it is available for both android and iOS devices.

Due to the copyright issues, alternatives to Pokeversion had to be created . These substitutes were in high demand and more apps were produced to fulfil this need. A lot of these apps did not have the necessary affiliations with the owners of Pokémon Go. Naturally, several of them were forced to close down as well. That is why many apps and links to are no more. Because of copyright issues.

Conclusion of Best Pokevision Alternatives in 2023

However, the show must go on!! That is why we have compiled a list of working apps and site, carefully selected because you guys need it. And we are happy to provide. What are you waiting for?? Go on and begin downloading away. Don’t forget to share with friends and other Pokémon lovers, because sharing is caring. There will be more coming from us, so stay tuned so you won’t miss out.

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