Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See in 2023

by Zella

Google Easter Egg? You may have been wondering, why will you be hunting for Easter egg? It is not even Easter yet. Well, you will not be hunting the main Easter egg, the "Google Easter egg" is your target. If you have not been cut off from civilization for the past two decades, you must have used, or at least hear about Google. Google is a search engine; a web-based computer program that helps you search for information on the internet. There is a popular slang that says, "if you don't know about it, ask Google." Google is the most popular search engine on the internet, as at early 2023 Google processes about 70,000 search queries every second. The number of queries will amount to over four million queries per minute; you can do the math for one day and be amazed.

Before you get carried away by the Google traffic stats, let us focus on the business at hand. To get a clear concept of Google Easter egg, you must have noticed Google doodles; the customized logo that Google uses when there is a special occasion. The occasion may be an international occasion or celebration, sometimes it may be an event about a specific country, but the intention is to let you know Google is aware of such event/occasion and supports it. The same thing goes for Google Easter egg, but instead, Google Easter presents you with a unique effect/animation when you use some secret Google search queries. The Google Easter egg might be more than an animation to amuse you; sometimes, it might be a tool or a game. The secret search queries won't be a secret anymore if you read further in this article.

One of the trending eggs is the Thanos Google Easter egg. Google released this egg to commemorate one of the most popular Marvel movie ever; Avengers Infinity War. Here is how to find it; search for the keyword "Thanos" with Google. On the search result page, you will find a gauntlet at the upper-right section of the page; the gauntlet was worn by Thanos, the main villain in Infinity War and Endgame. To be sure, the gauntlet is located beside the share button, click the gauntlet, and see the magic happen. The gauntlet will grip or snap two fingers, and half of the result will be erased in dust-style animation, music, and effects, just like it happened in the infinity war movie.

List of Best Hidden Google Easter Eggs

It happens, you may have accidentally come across one or two of Google Easter eggs, I did too, and the most confusing thing is what to call it so that I can find more. Well, it is your lucky day, they are called Google Easter eggs, and in this article, you are going to find more than fifteen hidden Google Easter eggs.

The eggs are not only hidden in the Google search platform but spread across other Google platforms such as Google docs, Google ads, etc. While you may have a hard time finding Google Easter yourself or banking on luck, this article will help you pinpoint them where they are hidden. Let us get started.

1. Do a barrel roll

You've watched your pets do a barrel roll before and loved it. Would you like Google to do a barrel roll for you? If yes, visit Google search home page and type "Do a barrel roll" in the search box, hit the enter key or click on the search icon; the magnifying glass icon. You will watch the Google search result page perform a 360-degree rotation, and you can do it again and again by searching the same keyword.

2. Solitaire

Are you feeling bored and would love to play some card games? Google has an exciting Solitaire for you. You do not need to download it on your device, and you can play it right on the result page. Google the keyword 'Solitaire,' wait for the search results to complete loading. You will see the game at the top of the search result, click the play button, and have fun. You can also compete for the highest score and become famous. You can play other online arcade games provided by Google, use the flowing keywords

· Play snake

· Play minesweeper

· Play Pacman

· Play tic tac toe

· Spin a dreidel

3. what does a chicken sounds like?

Are you curious at what different animal sound like, then you can quickly find out with the Google Easter egg? Visit the Google search page and enter the keyword 'Animal sounds'. Wait for the result page to load completely, you will find varieties of animals on top of the search result. A speaker icon and the name of the animal is positioned below each animal. Click each of the speaker icons to hear what the animal sounds like. You can load more by scrolling to the right. You will find all the available animal sounds will display in a dialog box.

4. Fidget Spinner

The Fidget Spinner is not an ordinary toy; it has been known to help people who can't focus or those who have trouble relieving anxiety and other psychological stress. Spinning a Fidget Spinner has shown a lot of improvement on other neurological disorders such as autism and ADHD. The fidget spinner is typically made of plastic or aluminum with prolonged prongs; the number of prongs may vary from 2 to 6. Someone can hold the center while sending the prongs into spins. Watching motion of the prongs is what performs the therapeutic function. This Fidget Spinner provided by Google is a digital version, and you can just set it into motion by searching the keyword 'fidget spinner'. It may start spinning automatically, or you can start it manually by clicking on the 'spin' text.

5. One Loneliest Number

Aside from general calculations that you can perform with Google, there is a scientific calculator called 'one', and it is among the Google Easter eggs package. The full title of the calculator is 'one loneliest number', titled after Harry Nilsson's popular song that has the same title. The calculator has numerous scientific functions such as factorial, log, pie, all geometric functions, and so on. You can access the calculator by typing the title into the Google Search box, wait for the page to load completely and you will find the calculator at the top of search results.

6. I'm a teapot (Error 418)

Out of the valid HTTP errors, Error 418 is not one of them. The error was create by Google as one of its Easter eggs. It was created to amuse SEO enthusiasts. Error 418 was created as an April fool in 1998, though it was not meant to be implemented till date, but people find Error 418 amusing and it is still available till now. If you are a web developer, you can redirect one of your error to it. You can access it via https://www.google.com/teapot, you or anyone can serve themselves by tapping on the teapot, it will tip over and serve a moderate amount of tea into the cup.

7. Metronome

If you are a musician and would love to use a Metronome to control your tempo, then this Google Metronome is for you. A metronome is a musical studio instrument that emits short click sound at the configured interval. The interval clicks reflect the tempo rate. So next time you are playing a musical instrument or composing a song, Google the keyword 'Metronome' and you will have it at the top of the search result.

8. Random Number Generator

Generating random numbers seems a child's play, but when you find a good use for random numbers, this tool comes in handy. You can set the minimum, and the maximum value and the random number will be generated within the configured values.

9. Bubble leveler

While other Google Easter eggs are providing you with fun on both desktop and mobile platform, this particular Easter egg is exclusive for mobile. The bubble leveler is similar to the type used for plumbing and leveling jobs. It is exclusive to mobile because PCs doesn't have the hardware requirement for the leveling to work, but smartphones have it. You can access it by searching the keyword 'Bubble level' on a mobile browser.

10. Zerg rush

Zerg is an exciting game that comes in the form of Google Easter egg. When you search the keyword 'Zerg rush' with Google, a group of O alphabets will attack your search result and make them vanish. However, you can defend your results by clicking the O alphabets, you have defeated them when they disappear. The game ends when you have successfully defeated all the alphabets, or they succeed in destroying all your search results.

11. Atari breakout

Another Google Easter egg that comes in the form of a game; it turns the search result into a playable arcade game. The game was developed Atari and published in 2018. To access the game, Google search the keyword 'Atari breakout', once the result page has finished loading click on the image tab, wait for the page to complete loading. The image results will be merged into a playable game, and you can play for as long as you want. Click on 'Return to image search' button when you finish playing, and you will be redirected to the image search results.

12. Google in 1998

While Google is boasting of one of the best web interfaces today, it also has a humble beginning, and it is a bit hilarious. Search the keyword 'Google in 1998' and you will be taken back to how Google used to look back in 1998. Don't share this with your friends. You will be embarrassing Google.

13. Flip a coin

Do you want to settle a dispute quickly and you find yourself short of a hard coin to flip? Google can provide you with a coin; search the keyword 'flip a coin' with Google. You can flip as many times as you wish, as long as you are able to settle the dusoute

14. Askew

When you are used to normal for a long time, it becomes boring. So, if you are tired of the neatly symmetrical arrangement of Google search results, search the keyword 'askew'. The result page will tilt to a side.

15. Roll a die

In case you were unable to settle a dispute with the flip of a coin, or you have to choose one from more than two options. In this case, you will need a die to make the decision. While you find yourself short a die to roll, Google provides you with as many as you will need. You can even select a die that has more than normal six faces or add the number of faces you prefer. You can roll as many times as you prefer by click on the 'Roll' button.

16. Google gravity

On this planet, everything that goes up must come down, provided no other force is holding it up there. You can make your search result obey the law of gravity; everything piled on top of each other. Navigate to https://www.google.com and type 'Google gravity' in the search box, tap the I'm feeling lucky button. Watch everything on the page crumble to the bottom of the page. Other keywords provide other effects, try each of the following keywords and see what the effect look like:

· Google underwater gravity

· Google reverse gravity

· Google gravity sphere

· Google gravity mirror

· Google guitar

· Google space

· Google flat fall

· Google tilt

This Google Easter egg does exactly what its title says; it blinks every 'blink', 'blinking' and 'Html' texts on the result page. Search 'blink Html' and you will see the blinking texts.

18. Love graph

You will impress your lover with love drawn on a graph. Search '(sqrt(cos(x))*cos(500*x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.4)*(3-x*x)^0.1' and Google will draw a blue love for you.

Conclusion of Hidden Google Easter Eggs

There are more to explore in the Google Easter eggs, and now that you know the name, by which you can find them, go ahead and find more. Note that only web browsers that have the JavaScript feature, and activated can make use of Google Easter eggs. Don't be selfish; share this article with your friends so that you can all have fun with Google Easter eggs.

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Zella is a writer and filmmaker known for her work in the field of media arts. She hails from Tohatchi, New Mexico, and has achieved notable accomplishments throughout her career. Zella holds a bachelor's degree in Media Arts from the University of New Mexico and an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Creative Writing from the Institute of American Indian Arts.

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