How to Activate Windows 10 without Product Key 2020
How to Activate Windows 10 without Product Key 2020

How to Activate Windows 10 without Product Key 2020

Since the emergence of Microsoft windows in 1985, we have had transformations of windows from windows XP, to windows vista to windows7 to windows 8 and 8.1 and now we have the new and emerged windows 10 with outstanding features. An operating system is a software that helps with the vital functions of a computer. With the new invention of the windows 10 operating system, the popularity and usage has increased over time.

Activate Windows 10 to Fully Get These Features

The Windows 10 operating system came with new features such as:

· A new and improved start menu

· Introduction of a software called universal app

· Introduction of a digital assistant called cortana on desktop

· It supports Xbox game streaming with enhanced performance, videos, graphics

· Increment in multitasking ability

· Introduction of touch-screen user interface in Microsoft office suite applications on personal computers, tablets, mobile phones

· Easy user interface

· Introduction of an action center, action centers on the windows 10 has a lot of importance such as allowing you view notifications in a single place

Activate Windows 10 to Fully Get These Features
Activate Windows 10 to Fully Get These Features

· It has a integrated control panel

· Introduction of Microsoft edge which acts as a replacement for internet explorer and has many other uses

· Introduction of new shortcut keys

· Introduction of virtual desktops which allows for switching between multiple desktops.

· Introduction of universal windows platform

· Introduction of task view which permits the creation of virtual workspaces and task switching.

· Introduction of a new and improved security system from third parties

· A new Bluetooth and taskbar setting

· A cool feature that allows you add emojis from keyboards

· Automatic back up

Why Activating Windows 10 in 2020?

It is important to have activated windows 10 as the inactivated windows 10 comes with a few limitations and disadvantages such as:

- Impossibility of wallpaper, taskbar options, personalization

- Presence of a watermark reminding you to activate windows

- You are liable to cyber attacks

- You don’t enjoy all the features of the windows 10

Reading through all the important features of the windows 10 operating system and the disadvantages of not having an activate windows 10, people around the world are trying to figure out ways to activate windows 10 without the operating key due to the high cost of purchasing the product key. Product keys are a set of distinctive alphanumeric codes to activate a copy of windows, in the case we are referring to windows 10. They help in the legal purchase of a software or operating system.

How to Activate Windows 10 without Product Key 2020

Why Activating Windows 10 in 2020?
Why Activating Windows 10 in 2020?

Windows 10 can be activated through various methods without the activation of the product key in 2020.

· Installments the ISO file of windows 10

· The use of a software such as KMIspico and passfab software

· The manual method of activation

· Using a batch file for the activation of windows 10

· Digital License for the activation of windows 10

1. Operate Batch File

A batch file can be used to activate windows 10, a batch file consist of instructions to be done by a command interpreter it makes use of a CMD file extension file. Here are the instructions on how to use a batch file to activate windows 10.

1. Go to the link

2. Copy the content of the link and paste into a text file

3. Save the text as batch file using the name and select or click .cmd

4. Run the file as an administrator

5. Click on the control panel

6. Check for system and security

7. Under the system section, check for windows activation to see if windows has been activated.

8. Once windows has been activated, you can start enjoying your activated windows

Supported windows 10 versions that can be activated with the batch method include;

· Windows 10 Education N

· Windows 10 Education

· Windows 10 Enterprise

· Windows10 Enterprise N

· Windows 10 Home

· Windows 10 Home N

· Windows 10 Professional

· Windows 10 Professional N

2. Installing the International organization standardization (ISO) file for windows 10

For Microsoft users who do not have the package installment for windows 10, ISO files can help activate windows 10 in the following ways

· Search the windows 10 download page

· select on the download tool now

· After downloading, open the downloaded file

· Read all the terms and conditions and accept it

· Click on select installation media for another personal computer and press on next

· Select on using ISO File, store the file in a folder and save

· The ISO file downloads and the windows 10 is activated

3. Manual Procedure

The manual procedure requires the use of a product key to activate windows 10, however, there is no need to buy it as a few product keys can be gotten by surfing the internet. Steps while using the manual procedure includes

· Select a product key, here are a few product keys you can use choose from

· Check the start button and click on the command prompt button

· Use the command “ slmgr / ipk yourlicensekey” to install a product key from the ones you choose above and click on the enter button

· Go back to the command prompt button and use the command slmgr/ skms/kms8 .

· Type in the command slmgr/ ato to activate the windows 10

· Check activation status

· Once activated, you can start using the activated windows 10

You can try one or more product keys, until one works. You can also get more product keys by surfing the internet

4. Digital License

When Windows 10 is installed for the first time on a device from Microsoft’s official website, a digital license is received, Click on ‘ I do not have a product key’ and you are allowed to install windows 10 for free

Other ways include

· Using an activated windows 7 to upgrade to windows 10 without product key

· Install windows 7, activate windows 7, then upgrade windows 7 or windows 8 to a windows 10

· Activate using windows loader: Download and operate the windows loader to activate windows 10

· Use a Microsoft toolkit to activate windows 10, this is possible if you have windows 7 on your personal computer

· Using a software called KMSpico. It activates software and so it is used to activate windows 10. To use the KMSpico to activate windows 10, you need to have windows 10 on your computer first. The steps for using KMSpico is

- Download the KMSpico software

- Turn off internet connection

- Deactivate or switch of antivirus software on the computer you are using

- Download file next

- Open file using winrar app

- Run the file and this will lead to activation of windows 10 without product keys

- Once windows has been activated, you can start toenjoy the features of an activated windows 10

· Using PassFab software

This software can crack product key for window 10 versions with great speed. It is easy to use and has a friendly user interface. The following are the steps for using PassFab

· Download the software

· Install the software

· Run the software

· Click on get product key for windows 10

· Save the key in a txt file format

· Check for a message that says successful save key

· Paste key saved in text file and activate windows 10 key

· Using Cortana

This is one of the simple methods to upgrade from a particular windows operating system to Windows 10. Just follow these simple steps

· Click on cortana

· Select type settings

· Select update and security

· Select activation on the right side of the window

· go to store

· Buy windows 10 from store without product keys

Which Windows to Activate in 2020 ?

If you are still having your doubts on whether you should stick to windows 8 or use windows 10, here is a table showing you the differences between the both



Presence of start menu

Return of the start menu

It doesn’t have multitasking capabilities

Multi tasking capabilities

User interface had some struggles with PC users

User interface works well on PC users

Single desktop

Multiple desktop

Absence of Microsoft edge

Presence of Microsoft edge as the new default browser

Absence of cortana

Introduction of cortana

Presence of start screen

Absence of start screen

Presence of internet explorer

Absence of internet explorer

Not recommended for gamers

Recommended for gamers

Absence of integrated control panel

Integrated control panel

Doesn’t connect to PC, mobile devices all at once

Easily links between personal devices, laptops and mobile devices

Less advanced security features

Advanced security features

The table above shows that windows 10 is a better choice of Operating system, it is easier to use and comes with a lot of amazing features with windows 8.1 doesn’t have and with the knowledge activation ways of window 10 without product keys, this makes windows 10 even cheap to use.

Windows 10 has a lot of amazing features which makes it better than the other windows OS, Windows 10, is definitely an OS you should try out and with the ways of activating windows 10 without the product key just makes it cheaper and better to use.

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