Windows 7 Launcher for Android in 2023

by Zella

It is that part of an Android user interface which enables us to customize the display of our Android device, according to our will. If you want to add up a little spice to what your Android device's home-screen look like, you can use an Android launcher.

What is an Android Launcher?

Contrary to the iOS dictatorship of how an iPhone's features must be displayed, an Android version allows you to modify the software designs, and features.

Now, you can design your phone's interface, effortlessly. An Android launcher also acts as a personal assistant, allowing you to make the most of it.

All what you need to do is figure out which Android launcher is the best for you. By the end of this article, you would be able to decide, and make up your mind.

How is a Launcher Different from a ROM?

Since the early invention of an Operating System, ROMs have tackled the customization of an Android device. Also, the actions guided by a ROM are not easy to be undone. Not to mention that the installation process might be annoying, and very time consuming.

Launchers have made the lives of the Android users much easier. Contrary to the ROM, the actions/changes applied on a device can always be replaced, as they are not the permanent alterations. As compared to the old school ROMs, Launchers are way easier and quicker to download. You can download them like any other regular app from the app store.

Hence, Launchers have taken over the ROMs' era of popularity. Because, who doesn't like things made easier?

There are also two main categories of an Android launcher. One category is of the Android Design Launchers, whereas, the other one is of the Android Smart Launchers. If you want to know these categories in detail, then I suggest you to continue reading without skipping any heading.

What is an Android Design Launcher?

In the Android community, the design launchers are said to be the first comers. The sole purpose of a design launcher is to act as a foundation on which we can modify our device's icon packs, widgets, and wallpapers.

By using the design launchers, you can always enjoy yourself by discovering new wallpapers for your home and lock screen. You can also do a little tricks with the widget display of your phone. Precisely, there is a fair range of tasks that you can perform by using the design launchers, without getting bored.

Talking about the icon packs, they let you deeply modify the way an icon of a certain app looks on the screen of your phone.

The top three Android Design Launchers which you can choose from are:

1. Nova

2. Apex

3. Go Launcher EX

What is an Android Smart Launcher?

Compared to the Android Design Launchers, the Smart Launchers are quite different. Basically, an Android smart launcher is used to arrange the icons and apps as your screen display.

The most popular feature of an Android smart launcher is the one in which the launcher uses your work place's address, as well as your home address, and then in accordance with your most done activities, the launcher displays the similar applications for you to choose from.

The top-rated Android smart launchers are:

1. EverythingMe

2. Yahoo-owned Aviate

3. Terrain

Click on the below, in order to know the reviews of the top-rated Android Launchers:

We know that you might be concerned about the safety of your phone. Thus, let us solve your query!

Are the Launchers Safe to Use?

Yes, totally! Most of the launchers are supposed to work just like any other app which you download from an app store. They do not bring any permanent change to the operating system of your device. As easy as the launchers might be to use, they are equally safe for your phone. Hence, use them without any worry, because the Android launchers are not harmful to your phone.

What is a Windows 7 Launcher for Android?

What is a Windows 7 Launcher for Android
What is a Windows 7 Launcher for Android

Amongst all the Android launchers, Windows 7 tops the list with its day-by-day increasing popularity and reliability.

Windows 7 Launcher modifies you're the software display of your device, completely. Be it the style or the performance, Windows 7 Launcher is the best in both. It also alters the icons' look, in order to change the home-screen appearance. If you are willing to change the response to the native settings of your device, Windows 7 Launcher will also help you out with that. You may also modify the way an application works.

Imagine the happiness and livelihood which you feel when you bring the slightest of changes to your phone's display, either wallpaper or widgets. How great then it would be to alter that display, entirely, and that in an amazing way? Believe us, Windows 7 Launcher is worth a try!

Let us also discuss the features of Windows 7 Launcher in detail.

What are the Features of Windows 7 Launcher?

There are very amazing features of the Windows 7 Launcher. Its features are what make it widely accepted by the technology lovers. The advanced and distinguishable features of Windows 7 Launcher make it stand out amongst all the other Android Launchers. Let us discuss the respective features below.

1. Weather Widget

Android Windows 7 Launcher stands out with its modified widgets. One of those widgets is the Weather Widget. It is advanced in such aspects which help you in navigating to the weather and climatic situations of almost every region. All of this is just a touch away, if you have an Android Windows 7 Launcher.

2. The Inbuilt Clock Widget

One of the most important widgets of an Android OS is the Clock Widget. Every person has the need to check the time, frequently. Also, it comes with various other sub-features, such as stopwatch, timer, and etc.

If you use the Android Windows 7 Launcher, then you can make the most of its features, because they are the best!

3. Start Menu

Start Menu is simply a list of all your desired applications. The Start Menu which comes with the Windows 7 Launcher has the list of all your contacts, e-mail, social networking sites, pictures, and your all-time favorite music. Not just this, but each and every item is placed in a well-organized manner. What else do you want?

4. Stylish Icons

Who does not like the icons on their phone's home-screen display to be styled creatively? If you are one of those people who want to play around with new styles of how their phone's home-screen appears, then you should try your hands on the Windows 7 Launcher. You are going to love it!

5. Similar to the Real Windows PC

Here comes the best part about the respective launcher! Although, the Windows 7 Launcher is for the smartphone purpose, but it alters the display of your phone in such a way that you cannot really tell the difference between your smartphone and your PC.

Windows 7 Launcher enables you to get a broader access to the software system of your smartphone. Furthermore, it also serves you with special PC features, such as copy, paste, cut, and etc.

6. High Quality Customization

The Android Windows 7 Launcher allows you to have a very high quality customization of your Android System. As compared to all of the other Android Launchers, Windows 7 Launcher for Android achieves great acceptance with flying colors.

7. Easy to Install

There aren't any extra ordinary tech skills requires, in order to install the Windows 7 Launcher for Android. It has a very user-friendly interface. Not to mention that you can install it in your smartphone just like any other regular application. Isn't that amazing?

8. Android Version 2.2

The Windows 7 Launcher for Android works on an Android version 2.2 or further. It is one of the signs of assurance that the launcher works very finely.

9. No Advertisements

If you are also one of those people who absolutely hate to get interrupted by the advertisements' pop-up on their screen, then you must try using the Windows 7 Launcher for Android. Why? Because, it has an absolutely amazing option of disabling the ads, and that for free!

You can also watch this video to know more about the features of Windows 7 Launcher:

How to Download the Windows 7 Launcher for Android?

Recently, there have been some policy issues, due to which, it is now a little difficult to download the respective Launcher by using the Google Play Store. But, don't you worry! Follow the easiest than ever steps mentioned below.

1. Download the Android Windows 7 Launcher from this link.

2. Open the File Manager of your device.

3. Go to the Download folder.

4. Before you proceed towards installing the Windows 7 Launcher for Android, make sure that you have ticked the Unknown Sources from the security settings of your device.

Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources

5. After completing the above step, tap on the option of Next.

6. Now, tap on Install. Wait a few minutes to let the process be completed.

7. Once installed, you can open the app, easily.

You can also watch the tutorial video by clicking on the link below:

Good Luck!

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