Quickest Ways to Get HBO Free Trials 2023

by Zella

Quickest Ways to Get HBO Free Trials 2023 - HBO (Home Box office) is a Television service (HBO GO) that also has a streaming service (HBO now) where one can watch content. The fact that you are reading this piece at all means you are a film enthusiast who knows how good the content on HBO is.

Why Getting HBO Free Trials ?

HBO is home to tons of amazing original content like Game of Thrones, West World, and True detective among many others. This is one of the main reasons why people love the streaming service provided by HBO. Another impressive thing about it is that you get access to movies, documentaries profiling celebrities, comedies, and even behind the scene footage that are not original HBO content. Lots of content on the streaming service have adult themes but there is enough family-oriented content to enjoy with kids too. Because of the premium content it provides, the streaming service is subscription -based. However, HBO has a free trial option that allows new users to get a glimpse of what to expect if they become a subscriber.

List of Best Ways to Get HBO Free Trials 2023

There are different ways you can quickly access and enjoy the free trial without making any subscription to HBO. This article will discuss several ways of watching HBO content with free trials.

1. HBO website

This is the easiest and quickest way to get a free trial to enjoy HBO premium content for free. All you have to do is go to HBO and sign up. You will instantly receive a 7-day free trial which you can only use to stream on the website. Trust me if you are one of those people who have the time to binge-watch series, there is every chance that you can finish the popular TV Series Game of Thrones in 7 days!

It really isn’t an offer to pass away as long as you do not forget to cancel your subscription as soon as your free trial ends

2. HBO Go Free trial

As previously stated in the introductory paragraph, HBO Go is the television service of HBO. This means that you can only use it if you have access to a cable subscription and television. Before you can access HBO Go, you need to have a subscription with a cable provider. If you do not have a subscription with a cable provider, you will have to pay for one. You can now follow the steps below.

- Since you have a cable subscription, all you now have to do is download the HBO Go app for your Android device or iPhone. You can also download it for your Smart TV. The app is also available for other streaming devices but you have to visit the app store of the device you want to use

- Next, once the installation process ends you will be prompted to connect your cable provider account. Select your provider and fill in the required provider identification details you will be asked for to complete your registration process.

- Once you are done with that you have to click “Start your free trial”. This will give you steps to follow in other to activate your HBO account.

- When your registration is complete, you will now enjoy unrestricted access to the same content you will have access to on your TV.

Note: Ensure you cancel the subscription as soon as you reach the end of the trial period to avoid billing. If you do wish to continue with the subscription, you are free to.

3. HBO Now Free trial

HBO Now the free trial is easier and a little better than HBO Go’s. This is because you do not need a subscription before you gain access to premium content via the free trial.

All you need is to create an HBO account using the HBO Now you download from your streaming devices’ app store. To get started, you need to:

- Download the HBO Now app from the Google Play Store or Apple App store depending on the device you are using.

- Install and open it. You will have to choose “Start your free trial”.

- Complete your account’s registration and activate it by setting up your payments details. Once you have done all that you will have to confirm that HBO Now can charge you once your free trial period is over.

- The process should now be complete and you will have access to premium content for free within the free trial period. However, due to the rights and details you already filled in when creating your account, HBO Now will automatically charge you once the free trial is over.

It is therefore important that you are mindful of the period the free trial will last in case you do not plan on paying for the monthly subscription.

Free trial through other Streaming Services


Quickest Ways to Get HBO Free Trials 2023: HULU
Quickest Ways to Get HBO Free Trials 2023: HULU

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services right now. There are lots of premium content users have access to by subscribing to the service. The streaming service provided content that is very similar to HBO perhaps even better because, with Hulu, you can gain access to HBO content for free. This is because when you make a Hulu subscription, you have the option to add HBO Now as an add-on benefit. The most amazing thing about this is that you do not even have to actually pay for the Hulu subscription. Hulu just like every other streaming service that has a subscription plan as well as free trial option.

As a new user, you are entitled to the free trial which lasts for a couple of days before you have to subscribe if you want to keep enjoying content on the Streaming service. To get HBO free trials through Hulu you can follow the steps below:

- Go to the official Hulu website and register/sign up an account. Hulu offers .-month free trial before you have to subscribe. With the free trial, you have free access as if you have a subscription.

- Once you have your Hulu account up and running, register and activate HBO through your Hulu account and you will be given 7-days free access to HBO Now content

Note: You will receive a notification when your Free trial period is about to end and you will receive an option to continue with the subscription. Since the reason for using this method to access HBO Now is to avoid subscribing, you should cancel the subscription to avoid billing. Ensure to remember the date each trial period expires.



Amazon prime is another popular streaming service provided by Amazon. There are millions of Amazon prime subscribers which indicates just how good the service is. You can also enjoy HBO free trial with your Amazon Prime subscription. The best part is that you do not even need to be an amazon prime subscriber. Here is how to enjoy HBO free trial without Amazon Prime.

- Amazon prime offers 30- days free trial to new users which gives you the same access as a subscriber. Thus, Sign up for Amazon prime if you do not have an account. If you are a subscriber already , simply login to your account.

- Create and activate your HBO account through your Amazon Prime account. As is standard, HBO offers 7- days free trials to new accounts. Accept the offer to beginning your free trial period.

Note: Be very mindful of the duration of your free trials. As good as free trials are once the free period ends, you will automatically have to pay for a monthly subscription.


Quickest Ways to Get HBO Free Trials 2023: ROKU
Quickest Ways to Get HBO Free Trials 2023: ROKU

Roku is a streaming device that comes with lots of benefits and packages. One of them is that you have access to HBO Now, Netflix and Google Play Movie content. The impressive thing is that you can easily combine all of them together into one Roku Account instead of signing up three different accounts.

Unlike other streaming services, you need a stable and strong internet connection if you really want to enjoy watching content on Roku. Once you have that you can easily watch content from any of the aforementioned streaming services on the same platform. This makes it easy to cancel any free trial subscription you are running since that is all together. To get HBO connected to your Roku is very easy and the steps involved are below.

- The first step is to buy the Roku device. Everything hinges on the device.

They are two types of Roku Devices. Each one has different features, advantages and price tag. The Basic Roku device is only for streaming and ideal for low budget users. The Roku Ultra device , on the other hand, offers lots of impressive features including 4K video resolution.

- Once you get the device to connect it and create your Roku account. Once you create your Roku account you have to download the HBO Now channel on the device. Only after this can you register and sign up.

You will receive HBO’s traditional 7-day free trial which you have to cancel once you get to the end of the free period.

HBO free trials are not forever but these are some of the best ways. If you love what you experienced you will have to subscribe. To ensure you avoid a red face moment make sure you do not mix up the dates your free trial period ends. This is because the credit card details you entered when you signed up for any of the free trial options you chose from above allows HBO to charge you automatically.

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