5+ Best Free Skype Alternatives 2023

by Zella

Skype is a popular telecommunication service around the world. The application lets people chat and call their contacts online. It finds use in professional and personal matters. One can also share multimedia files over the application. The added features make it the go to application for users worldwide.

But Skype is not a feasible application for everyone. A lot of people are skeptical about creating Skype accounts. Others face connection issues in certain geographical areas. The 5+ Top Free Skype Alternatives, 2023, offer a way around such issues. Their provisions are comparable to Skype. Some of them have better capabilities than Skype as well.

Overview of Alternatives to Skype for Free in 2023

To better understand the Skype alternatives, you need to know what Skype provides. It is a robust application; one of the best of its kind. It is a free service that works on many electronic devices. Skype is available on:

· Desktop Computers.

· Mobile.

· Tablet.

· Xbox.

· Alexa.

The basic purpose of Skype is to connect users. You can chat as well as make audio and video calls through the service. But that is not all to Skype. With the application, you get to:

· HD Support for Video Calls.

· Generate Subtitles for Live Calls.

· Share your Screen with other Users for Communication.

· Record Entire Calls.

· Get a Personal Skype Phone Number.

The application has a simple and interactive interface. It is easy to look up contacts. You can use your own list of contacts to make quick calls. There are various options to test your system before actual calls. All in all, it is a simple task to get in touch with people all over the world.

A Skype call requires a stable internet connection. As long as you have one, you can make lengthy calls to anyone. Skype is available in most countries around the world. It is an American service. Most regions friendly to the U.S. keep the service open.

If you wish, you can Download Skype to know more of its features.

2019 Skype Alternatives Ranking Criteria

Skype is still among the top performers as a calling service. It has been around for many a year. But in recent times, the application has seen a dip in performance.

Emerging applications are offering better provisions in comparison to Skype. The criteria list that makes these applications comparable to Skype contains:

· Call Quality.

· Stability.

· User Interface.

· Free Trial or Permanent Package.

· Global Availability.

· System Memory and Data Usage.

· Advertisements and other Hinderances.

At the current time, Skype comes under Microsoft. A lot of people face issues Microsoft application security. It is never a bad idea to try other, better services.

Best Free Skype Alternative List for 2023

The services similar to Skype all offer the basics of audio and video calls. To top it, they have unique features that trump Skype’s provisions. It is advisable to check out all applications before choosing one. Each application best suits a certain environment. Some are better for personal use while others have professional purposes. There are others that are multipurpose. You have a lot to consider about these applications.

The Skype Alternatives 100% Free starts with:

Viber - Alternative Link


Viber is a global service to chat with and call people. It is an extensive application that connects people. It offers more than chatting and calling services.

Viber has a long list of useful features. Through the application, you can:

· Make Audio and Video Calls.

· HD Quality Videos.

· Interactive Chatting with Stickers.

· Group Chats and Calls.

· Multimedia Provisions with Text.

· Send Audio and Video Messages.

· Data Management by Deleting Chats.

· Support for Multiple Devices.

· End-to-end Encryption for Safe Calls.

Viber is a free service for users on the application. You cannot make free calls to users outside of Viber. Both you and your contact must use the service to call for free.

You can follow the Title link to explore more of Viber. Or Download the application for:

· Windows PC.

· Android.

· iPhone and iPad.

· Mac.

· Linux.

WhatsApp - Skype Alternative Link


WhatsApp is an amazing service, primary use of which is in texting. But the application allows for audio and video calls as well. Its current owners are Facebook.

WhatsApp is another application available all over the world. Similar to Viber, it has an American base. Countries that are cordial with America have open access to the application. It has a simple interface, with elaborate features for calls and texts. Its best provisions are:

· Simple Layout for Texting.

· Permanent Group Chats.Limited to 256 people per group.

· Support for Multiple Devices.

· Free International Calling Service.

· Moderate Data Usage.

· Secure, End-to-end Encryption Chats and Calls.

· Share Multimedia and Documents with Text.

All the WhatsApp features are free of cost for users. You can also backup WhatsApp data to switch between devices. Syncing is an easy process on the application.

Use the Title link to get to know more about WhatsApp. Or Download the application on the systems:

· PC/Mac.

· Android.

· iPhone.

· Windows Phone.

Talky - Skype Alternative


Talky is a service on the rise in recent years. It is a simple platform for fast calls. It is a web service, best designed for professional use.

Talky does not have any elaborate features. It is a very simple, but effective platform to contact people. It requires no software downloads or registration. You get on the platform and start chatting right away. The procedure to make calls through Talky is:

· Open the Talky main page.

· In the “Start a chat” box, type your personal room name.

· Link people with your room. It allows for multiple people in the same room.

· Begin chatting once your contacts are in the room.

Talky has a limit of up to 15 users in a single room. As such, it best suits a professional environment than a personal one. You can have a conference with screen sharing as well. It is a fast and handy platform.

Make quick calls through the Free Talky platform using the Title link.

Google Hangouts - Alternative Link

Google Hangouts

Hangouts is Google’s own chatting and call service. It builds on the previous contacting services of Google. Those were Google Talk, Messenger, and Hangout.

At the current time, Google Hangouts is second to Google Duo for users. The latter is a simpler option for video calls on mobile. It is available on Android and iOS systems.

But Google Hangouts still has a place as a group call service. The platform has three basic purposes:

· Messaging: Single and multiple users.

· Video Calls: Single and multiple users.

· Voice Calls.

Google Hangouts has a web service as well. You need not download the software to your device. It has an interactive interface for conversations. You can send images and map locations to people on the application. It is easy to sync devices with your Google account as well.

Voice Calls through Google Hangouts are free for U.S. and Canadian users. It best serves the North American community.

You can know more about Google Hangouts through the link in the Title. Or download the application for:

· Android.

· iOS App Store.

· Chrome Extension.

· Android Hangouts Dialler.

Jitsi - Alternative Link


Jitsi is the alternative for people sceptical about Skype security. It is a Free, Open-source application for all to use. The software works on devices with Java support.

Being open-source, Jitsi is up for inspection by the entire world. You can be sure there is no call tracking or logs. There are no risks with using the application. Chat security is the best part about Jitsi.

But that is not the limit to the platform’s features. With Jitsi, you get to:

· Start Video Conferences: this is the best Jitsi provision. Group calls are simple, with secure connection for each user.

· High Quality Audio and Video.

· Low Latency Servers for Connections.

· WebRTC Compatibility.

· Advanced Video Pathing for Better Quality.

· Ubuntu and Debian Installation Packages.

Jitsi also has educational purposes for its open-source coding. You can develop your own system using the software. The service has been free since 2015. The owners invest in the project to keep it that way.

Open the Title link to know more about Jitsi. You can use their Web service, or Download the application using:

· Jitsi Online Service.

· Android.

· iOS.

WeChat - Alternative Link


WeChat allows you to socialize with its chat and call services. It is one of the best applications for users all around the world. The Chinese software is the biggest social application in the country.

WeChat has extensive features for mobile and desktop use. It has over a billion active mobile users. The application has a simple and interactive interface. Users can expand their social circle on the platform. It notifies you about WeChat users in and around your region.

With WeChat, you can make audio and video calls, as well as chat for free. You can share multimedia on chats as well. Although its best use is on mobile, you can also use it on Desktop. WeChat has support for:

· WeChat Web Application.

· iOS App Store.

· Android:Google Play,Direct Download.

· Windows.

· Mac OS.

Start off on WeChat by following the link in the Title. You will have to register and set up a profile on the service to begin.

Conclusion of Best Free Skype Alternatives 2023

Skype is a Microsoft application to chat and make calls. It is a free service, with many features to assist you in contacting your peers. The platform remains as one of the best services around each year.

But Skype is not an option for every individual. Yet, everyone needs a social application like Skype in the modern world. For them, the 5+ Free Alternatives to Skype are the way around the issue. Each application is worthy in its own right as the best in the world. You can use any and all of them to make free and secure calls and chat.

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