Free Instagram Followers Instantly of 2023

by Zella

Free Instagram Followers Instantly of 2023 - Instagram is maybe the best social media platform available. More and more people are joining the bandwagon each day. Instagram is a great place to share memories from an individual’s life, photos, and many more. And it is also great for businesses and products. It is increasingly used in brand awareness. People are using Instagram as a platform to carve a nice, carve a persona, ensure career exposure.

Reason for Free Instagram Followers in 2023

For whatever reason, Instagram is growing in its social engagement and community. Connecting people from around the globe and in different regions.

With Instagram, the questions many have is - How to increase the number of followers? How to gain real Instagram followers? And how to gain these followers for free.

There are many ways to gain Free Instagram followers, and increases engagement on your feed.

In this post, we have outlined all the sites and platforms that help with getting free Instagram followers and methods you can employ to watch your Instagram follower number rise steadily.

List of Free Instagram Followers Instantly of 2023

So, take a pen and a notepad and take some notes. You are on your way to more followers for your Instagram account.

Like4Like - Followers Link


This platform works by allowing users to receive likes on their Instagram page from real life followers. To receive these likes, all the user needs to do is exchange likes as well. So as the name goes, you need to Like someone else post to receive likes on yours. Really basic and super easy.

The whole process is automated. That is, users do not need to worry about doing anything manually. Or they have to decide is where and the kind ofposts they would want their likes to go to. Simple yeah?

To use this platform, users are to log in with their Instagram account. No other registration required. Then you can set up your details and start getting likes in exchangefor likes all in an automated process.

Like4Like is completely free with no limitation to its use. Users can get their desired number of likes for any uploaded photo and video on Instagram. And even great, all from real people.

Why use Like4Like?

· Automated process

· Likes on Instagram post from real people

· Completely free

· Easy to use

· No registration required

· Users log in with Instagram account

· Works for other social media platforms – Twitter, Pinterest, GooglePlus, Vine, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

FollowLike - Followers Link


This platform is a social media and SEO promotion tool. Created to serve as a community of people looking to improve and promote their social media accounts.

All users of FollowLike are real people and they are only allowed to register one account. Their members manually view other users link, requests and accounts and decide whether to follow, like or interact with them in any other way.

This site is more like an advertising and promotion platform and they do not guarantee users Followers or Likes. However, they help promote your account so that it has more reach. And by doing so, more interactions – Followers and Likes.

However, FollowLike has over 150,000 registered members and are in over 200 countries. So, their reach is far. And your account will also have this far reach too.

This site provides users with strict rules and works hard to ensure user and account safety. Hence, they do not ask for your account password. Also, they strongly discourage bots and fake accounts. And they promise to always take actions against spam.

Why use FollowLike?

· Promotes Instagram account and other social media

· Completely free

· Large number of members

· In over 200 countries

· Ensures user account safety

· Protects from spam

· Has only real people on platform

· Works for other social media platforms – Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Facebook, Vine, YouTube, Vimeo, Website traffic, etc.

What we don’t like about FollowLike

· Registration required

· Process is manual

· Followers and Likes are not guaranteed

Tips to get free Instagram followers in 2023

Tips to getfree Instagram followers in 2023
Tips to get free Instagram followers in 2023

1. Create an Instagram strategy

If you are deciding on creating your Instagram account or improving on an already existing account, you need to ask yourself one important question. And that question is “What is the reason for this Instagram account?”

The answer to this question may be that you want to increase awareness of a particular brand, drive traffic to a website or blog, increase product sale, carve a persona or create career exposure. The reasons are endless.

But it is important that early on you decide on the goal of the Instagram account. Doing this will save you a lot of trouble as it relates to return on investment or resources and its allocation.

Points to remember

· Decide the goal of the Instagram account

· Create a clear and concise plan

2. Decide on your audience

Ask yourself the category of audience your content targets. Decide the following

  • Audience age group
  • Audience location or region
  • Audience interest
  • Audience occupation
  • Audience Instagram usage

Points to remember

· Decide on the target audience

3. Work on Account appearance

Instagram is a social media platform known for its high need for aesthetics. And if you want to thrive here, you must invest in creating visually appealing content.

To do this work on and craft out an outstanding bio and account profile. Then plan your brand story and invest in aesthetics.

Points to remember

· Create an outstanding bio and profile

· Plan brand story

· Invest time and resources in aesthetics

4. Promote your Instagram account on other social media accounts

A lot of people use more that one social media account. Let your followers on your other social media account become aware of your Instagram account. They are more likely to follow you if they are already doing so on another platform and like your contents.

You can also ask friends to promote your Instagram account on theirs and their other social media platforms too.

Also try to get featured on other larger accounts related to your content with more followers than you have. This will help in increasing followership and engagement.

Points to remember

· Promote on your other social media accounts

· Ask friends and followers to promote on their account

· Try to get featured on larger platforms

5. Post consistently

Social media analytics have suggested that accounts that post daily are more likely to garner followers than accounts that don’t.

For your Instagram account decide how often you are able to post contents – daily? Weekly? – then try to stay consistent with that plan.

Also, using Instagram analytics, you can decide on the best time and days to post depending on your followers Instagram usage.

Points to remember

· Post consistently

· Post at the right time

· Post on the right days

· Use Instagram analytics to decide when to post

6. Engage with other relevant users

This point cannot be overemphasized. Discover other accounts in your niche or in the already existing community that relates to you. Then follow these accounts, interact with their posts – like, make engaging comments, and do so consistently.

When you follow a user, there is a very high chance that they will look through your feed. The same goes for when you like another user’s content. And when they look through your feed and they find the content great; they follow you too. And that is one amazing way to gain followers.

Points to remember

· Look out for feeds in your niche/ community

· Follow, Like and Comment on other users feed and posts

7. Use Hashtags

Let me quickly add, explore and utilize relevant and engaging hashtags. What hashtags do is make it possible for people to discover your posts on Instagram. Hence, people looking for posts related to a hashtag can find posts under that hashtag.

With hashtags, you can look up popular and trending hashtags among contents in your niche. It is also a great idea to create your own hashtag and stay consistent with using it. You can also use hashtags in your Instagram stories using the hashtag stickers.

However, remember not to go overboard with the number of hashtags you use in one post. Also avoid hashtags like #LikeforLike #followme and other gimmicks.

Points to remember

· Utilize relevant hashtags

· Find popular, trendy hashtags

· Create your own hashtags

· Use the same hashtags consistently

· Use hashtag stickers in Instagram stories

· Avoid too many hashtags

· Avoid using gimmicks as hashtags

Conclusion of Instagram Followers Free and Instantly of 2023

You have gotten to the end of all you need to know to increase your Instagram follower number. All these methods are organic ways to increase your followers and they will generate you likes and followers that are real Instagram users and real people.

There are many websites that claim to provide Instagram followers, many for a fee that will only lead to your account becoming flagged for suspicious activities. This is because they flood your account with fake people who are not real Instagram users. And if Instagram gets this under its radar, may suspend or shut down your account. Now, we do not want that to happen. So, please be careful and very cautious of advertised platforms like that.

Use these methods as stated here and you are good to go towards building your own real Instagram followers and engagement.

About Zella

Zella is a writer and filmmaker known for her work in the field of media arts. She hails from Tohatchi, New Mexico, and has achieved notable accomplishments throughout her career. Zella holds a bachelor's degree in Media Arts from the University of New Mexico and an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Creative Writing from the Institute of American Indian Arts.

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