Roblox Password Guessing Methods in 2023

by Zella

There might be millions of games for PC but Roblox a multiplayer gaming platform still tops no.1. 

Why Users Wants to Guess Roblox Passwords?

With the current 70 million users Roblox is one of the favorite platforms of gamers all over the world. It allows you to create short games of your own and helps in boosting up the creativity of young minds. It gives you the chance of developing your own game without hard coding and hence its user free. But with the popularity comes the cons, as now many hackers try to hack other player's accounts. As some hackers might want to use the points of another player to redeem it into cash or as a shortcut to level up. Whatever may be the reason to guess the password like hacking or if you have forgotten your password. Password guessing is very popular amongst the users of Roblox

There are many options available on how to guess the password and many people can try their luck by using them.

What happens if your account gets hacked or you forget your password?

· All the current progress will be gone and hence your whole hard work.

· You will lose your games and the community of users you have made.

· Robux- a currency used in a Roblox account to buy items and little purchases, it all will be gone.

Who are the most common targets of getting their account hacked:

· Those with the front page games. (Most popular players).

· Administrators of Roblox.

· People who own a popular group.

· Popular YouTubers or social media personalities those got fame because of Roblox.

· Accounts having extreme wealth as in points or expensive game purchases.

· old accounts

· special ID holders

Because of the large traffic, many service providers have come together to make it easy to hack. Hundreds of software are coming in the market for hackers. And, these people provide this service in the minimal or no fee. Some software's have actually proved to crack the passwords fast are now earning well. Hacking of Roblox accounts is so popular that now it is becoming easy for hackers to get passwords. It is a worldwide threat to every account holder and they should know about the results of hacking.

List of Best Ways to Guess Roblox Passwords in 2023

List of Best Ways to Guess Roblox Passwords in 2023
List of Best Ways to Guess Roblox Passwords in 2023

Starting with the methods which need basic technical skills-

1.Malware or keylogger

This method actually needs you to have some knowledge about malware and keyloggers. This sophisticated attack is difficult from all the methods of password guessing. A hacker uses a back door, enters your system by sending malware into your computer. By getting into the system they retrieve all the personal details and passwords. Malware enters your system when you click on certain links like that from torrent. Also, when you fill your information on unnecessary malware websites. You won't even know when malware has entered your system and your account has got hacked. There's no way of early detection is this type of hack attack.

2. Phishing emails

This method is the most popular amongst all. As it doesn't need high technical hacking skills. It works exactly like a malware method; hackers will send you an email with a link, which would be a phishing link. Once you'll click the link they would ask you to sign up into an account. And, if you did by getting attracted to the fake link and logged in, they'll retrieve all your data. Hence, they are successful in hacking.

Follow the link if you want to know how to produce the phishing emails:

3. Brute force attack

It is an attempt to decrypt encrypted data. Hackers guess all the possible passwords and passphrases. It is a very useful method for the shorter passwords as the results come fast but not suitable for longer ones. There are many automated tools available that help with the brute attack. It is the same as the dictionary attack where a hacker tries each possible answer. Guessing passwords is easy when you know your targeted audience. There is a particular trend of setting up a password among the youth and the older people. The youth tends to use more of numbers while the elderly people prefer to go with alphabets more. Hackers understand this trend amongst the targeted audience and use them.

Watch this video about how to brute force a Roblox account -

Coming to the methods which don't need high tech skills but are time-consuming:

4. Dictionary attack

As already said it is the same as the brute force attack, boring, but a useful method that requires no skill. Hackers use this method if they've got plenty of time to spare or their only dream is to hack the Roblox account. It works by downloading the list of most common passwords. Try each one of them with the hope of at least one being correct out of all. Hackers guess the password by knowing the well-known phrases. For example- A survey stated that around 3.4 millions of users around the world use 1234 as their password. Passwords with a pattern are more likely to get hacked.

Check their list of most common ROBLOX passwords 2023

5. Social engineering

It is the same as phishing emails where you actually send a link to the social handles of people in a larger number. Most affected social networks include Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It's the easiest method of all and helps in attacking a larger audience in a single try. The amount of gathered data is in millions and has given the ease in hacking to all the hackers worldwide. This method is beneficial to the hacker but sometimes it becomes lengthy as the data is more.

Click the link below to know how to send phishing links to Facebook and other social media handles.

How to protect your account from password guessing:

1. Long passwords

 Short passwords are not accepted these days as they are more easy to get hacked. And, in Roblox, this is the most important thing to keep in mind while creating an account. The methods stated above are more likely to guess short passwords fast. So, make your password as long as you can and even add numbers to complicate it and make it difficult to guess it.

2. Do not use common words

Passwords that are more likely to get hacked are common words and numbers. Like the name of your closed ones, birthday, a sequence like 1234,2468,0000,2222 or a birth year. Plus if you are a well-known personality, keeping the password with the date of birth will make it easy to hack.

you must've seen a pop-up window or a new tab opens when you try to search on internet. Those links contain malware that hacks into your system the moment you click it. Do not open these links or click anywhere on the page. If it's the pop-up window close it as soon as it comes. Only download software or online tools from a good source that is trustable. Prevention from such websites will help you to reduce the exposure from hackers.

4. Prevent Phishing Emails

Our mail account is always filled with thousands of emails. So, it's our duty to know which mail is normal and which one is by a hacker. The best trick to look for a phishing email that contains a website like is to find a's' in the URL. S in the URL stands for secure which means this website is safe to use. For more prevention tips and how to stop phishing emails follow the link below : phishing-emails/

5. Safeguard Your Password

This is actually the last thing to tell. So, avoid saving our passwords on digital platforms. If you happen to forget your passwords very often, save them in a diary but not on your computers or mobiles. Do not reveal your password or give the hints which will help in guessing it fast.

6. Change your password more often

The simplest method for keeping your account safe. Change your password every month or if you are more likely to get hacked then every 15 days. Do not resemble your new password with the older one or else the hacker will get your pattern and can hack it.

7. A virus scan

Install a good antivirus and scan your whole computer once in a while or keep it in an automatic scan mode. This will prevent your entire system from viruses would deduct any chance of hacking. 


If your account got hacked even after all the precautions you need to take the following steps:

· If you notice a deduction of Robux, items or some changes then immediately notify the Roblox team. If they aren't able to revert back the account in 30 days then it is not possible to get back the account. See the link to know the full details.

· Verify your details and contact the support team on their official website.

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