Having accounts on multiple online casinos bring a lot of advantages

by Zella

The online casino industry has evolved and adapted a lot over the years. Since its humble beginning in the 90s, it developed into an important economic sector. On the Canadian market alone, the revenue of online casinos in 2020 was over two billion dollars.

The first iGaming platform legally operated in Canada was owned by the British Columbia Lottery and launched in 2004. At first, it only had classical lottery products, but in 2010 it expanded its portfolio by introducing online casino games. Thus, becoming the first platform in North America with casino games legally regulated by the authorities.

Now somewhere between 76% to 79% of Canadians partake in different types of gambling activates that are conducted online or offline. For example, in Ontario, 16% to 26% of citizens played slots at least once in their lifetime. There are a lot of opportunities for growth since many people have contact with a form of gambling.

Registration Bonuses are always there

Registration Bonuses are always there
Registration Bonuses are always there

Most if not all platforms offer bonuses upon registering on the website. Some do not require a real money deposit before it can be used, and others are received after making the first deposit. There are even casinos that offer promotions for more than one deposit. This is called a welcome bonus, and upon each separate deposit made after registrations, you receive something.

Having multiple accounts brings more bonuses that can be used to play and can even be cashed out if the casino conditions are fulfilled. Each time you create an account or make a first deposit on a new casino, a bonus will be waiting for you to obtain it. So, more accounts equal more available promotions.

Multiple accounts give more knowledge

Having multiple accounts means that you can see the differences between iGaming platforms. You will be able to observe and note the industry standards and the variations in policy that make each casino unique.

Some things that you should watch are the deposit and withdrawal limits. Also, the cash-out processing time can be very different depending on the casino. Another aspect to look around for is the live chat option. It is 24/7 or not since good and fast support teams can enhance the whole casino experience.

Also, there are professionals that do this all the time. Experts from casinobonusca.com analyze every online casino part constantly and provide relevant information about how they work and the available promotions. Even if you are a skilled gambler or a newcomer, this platform has valuable information to expand your knowledge.

You can compare what you observe with what the casino specialists say for having a clear picture of the industry's quirks. The more information you acquire, the better decisions that you will make.

More various online banking methods

Each casino has different payment methods available, and very rarely will a casino have all the possible methods. Usually, there are around ten methods present on a platform. Having multiple accounts gives you more flexibility to use the deposit and withdrawal options you want.

Some casinos also have transactions available in different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, before registering with a casino like that, look around a little to ensure they have professional services.

Overall, more payment methods mean more options for the gambler, which is always a good thing. Some methods are prevalent on the Canadian market, but not many casinos have all of them, so be sure to look for those.

Better control over your funds

Since your money is on multiple accounts, it's harder to lose them all in one session. Discipline is key to having a good and entertaining gambling experience. Having money in multiple casinos can protect you from impulsive behaviour.

Apart from that, if you keep the funds separated, you can micromanage them better. Also, by starting with small sums, you can test the game's returns without risking too much. You can apply the knowledge gathered from observing the casino options to make the most efficient bets at the right moment and on suitable games.

More account means smaller sums of money on each one. Combined with the extended expertise, that will provide an enjoyable and responsible gambling experience that will always bring the proper satisfaction.

What to consider when registering on multiple platforms

Consider exploring the iGaming platform a little before joining. There are many things to examine, as the number of games or the responsible gambling tools.

Creating an account on multiple platforms will help you in different ways. However, there are two crucial aspects to look for to get the most out of your gambling experience on multiple accounts.

The company that owns the casino

Look at the page's footer to see the owning or managing company of that casino. Sometimes multiple online casinos are operated by the same company. If that is the case, only one registration bonus can usually be obtained per person across all the platforms owned by that company.

Also, there are the same payment methods available in most cases. The platform works relatively similarly, so you cannot make a proper comparison. When considering having multiple accounts choose casinos from different companies to make sure they have different options.


This is one of the most relevant things to look around for since the licensing guarantees that you will have any issues regarding a lack of transparency or absence of professionalism. The licensing institutions impose rules upon the iGaming platform to make sure their users are protected.

Some licenses are more trustworthy than others and provide more protection for gamblers. So, always do your research before registering and do some digging around for the best and worst online casino licensing institutions.

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