All You Need To Know About A Credit Card Validator
All You Need To Know About A Credit Card Validator

Online Credit Card Validator

Credit cards are one of the most used tools when a financial transaction is concerned. It makes transactions fast and easy to complete without running the risk of carrying a large amount of cash around.

The Need for A Good Credit Card Validator

Credit cards have made buying easy. it has also eliminated the risk of being robbed while carrying big cash around. Credit cards are only issued by Banks and Certain institutions or organizations and the card can be used anywhere to make payments in online or offline stores.

There are different reasons why you might want to know if a credit card is valid or not. You might be a merchant whose customers pay using a credit card . You might also provide a service that people have to make payments using their credit card . Whichever reason you have, we will discuss how to use credit card validator while also Credit card numbers are generated using certain algorithms and rules. All credit cards have different numbers. There are trillions of credit card numbers in the world and a good amount of them is fake or Virtual. Not all Credit cards that are not real are 100 percent fake. Some banks issue Virtual credit cards to people that request it. These virtual credit cards do not work like real credit cards in that one cannot use them for transactions. However, they function like prepaid cards and will pass as credit cards in any verification system. This is why a credit card validator is important.

The algorithms used in generating credit card numbers also allow one to verify the validity of a credit card number. This is especially useful for merchants as they can verify the authenticity of a credit card before accepting it as a means of payment for a purchase.

Validating a credit card these days does not require placing a call to your bank's customer service. A visit to the bank that issued the credit card in question is also not important. Even though both ways are the most reliable, there are faster safer ways of validating a credit card than being in contact with the card issuer. This write-up looks at how to you get an online Credit Card Validator?

Methods to get a Credit Card Validator

The numbers on a credit card make it possible to verify whether or not a credit card is valid or not. A credit card Validator will say whether a card is expired or whether it is no longer available in the card issuer's system. Even when a credit card is valid, not using it for an extended period can make it invalid. This is why knowing how to check the validity of a card using a Credit Card Validator is important.

1. Using an Online Validator

Online Validators are so much easier to access since all you need is an internet connection. Validating a credit card can be done within minutes depending on how fast your internet connection is as opposed to visiting the bank. The main issue with using Online validators is whether they are safe and legal to use.

Are they Legal? Yes, some of them are. Online Validating websites are websites built by experienced developers using algorithms similar to the type of algorithm used when configuring a credit card. These websites do not have any affiliation with a bank or card issuing company . The developers are independent and this is also why only some of them are safe. It is important to check before using any online Validator whether or not it saves data. If the website saves the data you input on it, it is not safe to use.

Then these websites are legal? This depends entirely on individual opinion. This is because setting up a website to check whether or not a credit card is valid or not is quite easy. For instance, you can manually check the validity of a credit card . This is why it is not straightforward to say an online Validating website is not legal.

There are lots of tools and websites that are available on the internet with which you can check the validity of a credit card. To access these tools, a simple search of "Online Credit Card Validator" on Google search engine will show you a list of tools to choose from. It is always best to choose the top five websites that appear on the search results. The reason for this is because people the top websites from a search result receive more traffic compared to the ones at the bottom.

2. Official Credit card checker

There are also official credit card checkers that automatically recognize credit cards. They are usually installed with the payment systems on some websites. The best way to get this feature is to make sure your payment system is set up by a credible financial company or institution. When the details of a credit card are provided to make a payment, the in-built checker of the payment system will then check the validity of the card.

One thing you should note is that these official card checkers are usually only compatible with cards from the same network. For instance, a card issued by Walmart works only on the Walmart store. This means that when you use it to purchase on the store, it will recognize the card as a credit card. However, if you try to use the same card on another online marketplace or in a local store, the system will see it as invalid. Thus, as long as the card used is from the network, business or marketplace you want to purchase from, the payment system will validate your credit card without issues.

How to use Online credit card validating websites

Two of the best Online validators out there are CreditCardRush and Btik. You can also check out others by searching for online validating websites on Google. The CreditCardRush site is mobile friendly and can be accessed via a computer browser too. One the validator loads, you need to:

· Insert Credit Card Number: Before you can insert credit card number, there is a form you have to fill on the home page. Once you fill that, you will have access to the validator on the website itself. To validate a credit card, you now have to select the name of the credit card from the dropdown list of credit cards provided. Once the specific name of the Credit card has been selected, you only need to enter the credit card number.

The credit card number contains information about the card owner as well as the issuing company. for this reason, you are not required to enter any other information on the validating page. The online validator will use the information contained in the card number to check the information provided by a cardholder. If it corresponds, then the card is valid.

· If the results indicate that the credit card is not valid, then you can't take payment. You have to inform the customer that he or she cannot make payment with the card. Or you can decide you cannot process the transaction with the said card.

Importance of Credit card Validator

The main importance of a Credit card validator, of course, is that it prevents the occurrence of scams. A brief illustration: when goods and services are bought and paid for by invalid credit cards, the merchant loses. If the losses are also not taken care of, it could lead to even bigger losses which could, in turn, lead to the merchant losing his or her business.

The scenario above only happened because the merchant did not have a credit card validator. If he or she had one, such a scenario won't have happened. With a Credit Card validator, you won't be at risk of this kind of issue. It is a tool that not only combats scam and fraud in general but also makes your business thrive. Why? Because you do not have to constantly deal with expensive chargebacks and insanely high processing fees. All you do is register payments from valid credit cards.

Below are some fake popularly used Credit card numbers that do not work and you should not accept them in your store:

  • VISA :
  • MasterCard :
  • American Express (AMEX) :
  • Discover :
  • JCB :
  • Diners Club - North America :
  • Diners Club - Carte Blanche :
  • Diners Club - International :
  • Maestro :
  • Visa Electron :
  • InstaPayment :

Conclusion of Benefits of Online Credit Card Validator

As earlier stated, there are several online credit card validator and a simple google search will help you access them. The mere fact there are lots of websites like this should be enough reason to prove how important they are. As you need is to consider and select a credit card validator with a credible reputation. Doing this will save you a whole lot of hassle.

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