Wish Like Sites in 2023

by Zella

Hey you!!! Yes you reading this post. Looking for a site to buy products that are unique with ridiculous discount ? Well, you might have visited sites like Wish and you were not impressed. I have got something for you, I am providing sites that better than Wish you should check out.

Why Wish Alternatives in 2023 ?

Wish alternatives display unique, reasonable products and are all at a reasonable cost.These sites are similar to Wish. They sell products you can find on well established ecommerce sites. Also, you will find products that are less expensive. The section below unravels hidden treasure. Treasure for people looking for quality and low priced goods. All the following have apps apart from their site. Making it easier for customers.

This section deals with apps like Wish. These apps are not only beneficial but also provide low priced goods sites. The section below also provides versatility of items and fashion necessities. Don't wait anymore, scroll down and enjoy. Then, you can start shopping right away.

What is Wish ?

For the newcomers to online shopping and have never heard of Wish. A popular online shopping mall that aids interactions between sellers and buyers. Products displayed on the Wish are usually gotten from countries in Asia. Thus, connecting to locally made products from around the world. These products are sold at a discounted price. Wish has always been helping individuals running on low budget especially students. This makes Wish, one of the most visited online stores. They provide discounts that will blow your mind. Though, there are several reviews that some good displayed are not what they seem to be. Some sellers display defective and damaged goods. Which are purchased unknowingly by buyers. But apart from the bad eggs, Wish is a great online shopping mall. Below, I have listed some major alternatives to Wish. You should check them out.

List of Best Sites Similar to Wish in 2023

As stated earlier, Wish is not the only e-commerce site with amazing deals. We do have similar apps and online sites that provide similar if not better services than Wish.

1. AliExpress - Site Link


AliExpress owned by the popular Chinese conglomerate the Alibaba group. Its one of the most used app by people for doing online shopping throughout the world. While it is more well known in Asia, they are expanding their reach across the globe. Just like Wish, it offers a wide range of product and at affordable price.


l They offer 75% shipping of products in their shopping mart depending on your location.

l Provide huge discount on products they put on sale.

l Offers timely coupons for users.

l Perfect shopping app for fashion items, toys, beauty products, health items etc.

l Support various languages and currency system.

l Offers safe transaction, so customers can be rest assured.

l Reliable and quality customer support service.


l Shipping time inconvenience

2. Zulily - Site Link


For the females, this is the best friend site you could have as a girl. Zulily offers a variety of products geared toward young mother. They rely on their fashion items as their major seller product. They also offer products at very low prices through their site and app. Deals with products like toys, kitchenware, footwear, home decor, maternity product. Zulily could be said to have thought of comfortability for her customers.


l Daily sales at 6pm which they offer discount on all their products.

l Various App-only offers for users to enjoy.

l Timely reminders prior to sale on their site.

l Allows customers share purchase on their social networks to stay connected with other customers.


l No refunds for defective and damaged

l Most goods are sold through third-party merchants, including sellers in other countries.

3. Overstock - Site Link


This online shopping app is designed to provide products of different section. All at low price as 70% off as discount for its customers. Overstock are known to sell handmade goods produced by developing nations They also sell merchandise they produce. The site provides products like furniture, home decor, and bedding.


l Offer daily deals, coupons and daily huge discount on products

l No third party involved, eliminating risk of defective goods. Including 30-days return policy with partial refund (conditions applied on product).

l Quick delivery.

l Quality customer service.

l Provides secure and safe transaction.

l Free shipping for US citizens.

l You can pay with bitcoins.


l None

4. Banggood - Site Link


This online shopping mart is larger than you can imagine and its synonymous to affordable shopping. Just like Wish and the other listed apps, Banggood offers products of varying ranges. From fashion items for both sex, jewelry, footwear, health, children and beauty products. They are usually stocking the store, to offer more range of products.


l Timely flash sale for as low as half their price.

l Accepts Paypal mode of payment.

l Offer 30days return policy and free shipping. They also track your goods for you.

l Offer huge discounts.

l Reliable and good customer support service.


- Limited selection of goods on display.

5. Gearbest - Site Link


Similar to Wish, this app was designed to sell Chinese locally made electronic products. Product such as watches, tablets, other tech gizmo. Which provide an interesting and unique function to people across the world. They also provide sporting gears, health and beauty products and fashion apparels etc. They provide huge discount on their products.


l Legitimate and reliable site for all your tech product.

l Accept PayPal mode of payment.

l Simple and customer friendly support. They provide warranties and return policy on products

l Tracking of products.


l Extra shipping time is an inconvenience.

6. Wanelo - Site Link


Wanelo which stands for Want, Need, and Love and its one of the best shopping apps like Wish. They provide your favorite items at low prices and you can easily shop for what you want. They have various categories with 550K stores and 30M products. This app is used by millions of individuals who shop for fashion items, home decor, furniture's, accessories, shoes, gadget etc. It is constantly flushed with new products.


l Allows you to remember your choice, saving time.

l Huge discount.

l Provides various facilities on its app which makes the process of shopping, even more fun for the customers here.


l Limited selection of goods

l Doesn't accept wide range of mode of payment.

7. YoShop - Site Link

YoShop have been reported to have satisfied more than 2million customers till date. They provide great products in various sections such as fashion, beauty and health products, home decor, accessories etc. They offer some nice discount for their customers.


l Free shipping.

l 45days return policy on products.

l Provides multiple secure mode of payment.

l Reliable.

l Fast delivery and products can be tracked.


l none.

8. Joom - Site Link

Wish Like Sites in 2023: Joom
Wish Like Sites in 2023: Joom

With its increasing popularity and registered users. Joom offers a classic features and great variety of items which you can find on its app. It offers products ranging from shoes, bags, fashion items, gadgets, and beauty products etc.


l Free shipping.

l Full refunds on damaged and defective products.


l Limits selection of goods.

Website - Joom

9. Geek - Site Link

Wish Like Sites in 2023: Geek
Wish Like Sites in 2023: Geek

Geek is quite similar to Wish. Its sometimes called a sister site to Wish because they both belong to the group of company. Geek provide mainly electronic and tech stuffs. Geek provides tech accessories and modern products. With an overall nice discount for products on display.


· Focused in electronics.

· Discount of tech gizmo you might like.

· Easy and reliable form of payment.

· Provides tech reviews.


· Provides only tech products

· Does not provide other items, like clothing apparel and the likes.

10. Fab - Site Link

Wish Like Sites in 2023: Fab
Wish Like Sites in 2023: Fab

This online shopping mall is designed to be exciting. Its unique site, that provides exciting products. Fab curates a varying selection of products. This ranges from gadgets, health items, and various accessories. It is one of the easiest site to browse and look up for products. One great thing about Fab is customer interaction. It gives room for customers to share what they are buying. This way customers get to know what others are shopping. And this may interest them to buy also.


· Price of products are decent.

· Quick delivery.

· Free shipping above 75$.

· Provide unique and original product.


· Limited selection of goods.

Conclusion of Best Wish Alternatives for Shopping Online in 2023

In conclusion, these sites will provide services that will make shopping online easy. These sites are all have apps for both android and iOS. This makes it easy for you and other shoppers to shop online. Making online shopping a just a click away. With various collections and daily offers on ground. Online shopping just got more fun to do. Though, some online shopping malls provide free shipping. Others may not or may include a clause in their free shipping. Only drawback associated with online shopping could be the mode of delivery and delivery time.

I can assure you are getting the best. They all provide quality products at lesser price. Just remember to read reviews on merchants and sellers. Before you make a purchase.These alternatives are reliable when compared to Wish. They are better than Wish to some customers. Happy shopping !!!

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