Play blackjack at online casinos

by Zella

Blackjack is one of the most popular card entertainment. It is loved for its simple rules and high speed. The advantage of the dealer is about 2%, but the figure can be reduced through a competent strategy. How to play and win in blackjack for money in online casinos, you will learn in this article.

Play blackjack at online casinos
Play blackjack at online casinos

Rules of the game

In the distribution involved up to eight decks without jokers: 52-416 cards. The visitor takes a seat at the casino table and puts chips in one or more rectangles (boxes). The dealer shuffles the deck manually or loads into a special device - a shuffle. First, the dealer deals two cards each, they are rated as follows:

  • Ace - 1 or 11;

  • King, queen, jack - 10;

  • 2-10 - At face value.

The player's task is to collect a combination better than the dealer, but not more than 21. The casino visitor sees his cards, as well as 1-2 in the opponent. He must then decide how to proceed:

  • Stay with his own.

  • Take more to score points.

  • Double his bet.

  • Split into two hands.

  • Refuse to further action (give up).

First the player makes the moves, and then the croupier. The banker has to collect points if the sum is less than 16. If it turned out to collect 17 or more points, the dealer stops.

Depending on the lay-out is possible:

  • Blackjack - Ace plus a card with a picture (ten). Who collected the combination is the winner. The player receives a payout of 3:2. If the blackjack is at the dealer's place, he takes the bets on the table.

  • Draw (Push) - the opponents have collected the same number. The amount put on the line is returned to the player. If both have 21 points, the winner of the combination of fewer cards wins.

  • Overkill - one of the participants scored more than 21. Overkill always means a loss. The one who got less gets the money.

Basic terms and concepts

Blackjack refers to the number of bank games in which the opponents are not neighbors on the table, and the dealer. If you play on the slot, the distribution is made by a machine algorithm based on a random number generator. In live games, the opponent is an experienced croupier. Therefore, before playing blackjack at online casinos, a beginner needs to learn the terminology. This will help avoid confusion. If you download the game and make a bet, in front of the user will appear a virtual table with buttons:

  • Bet ("Deal") - the dealer gives out cards.

  • Stand (Stick, Stay) - stop on the current combination.

  • Hit - to take more from the deck.

  • Double - to double bet.

  • Split - to split the Hand into two hands. It is possible to make a move if the player's cards are of the same value after the first deal.

  • Insurance - to insure yourself against failure on a half of the invested sum. This option appears if the Dealer has an Ace.

  • Surrender ("Refusal", "Sarendo") - To give up and take half of the stake.

The main terms used in Blackjack:

  • Shoes - A card holding device.

  • Hand - the combination at the player and the dealer.

  • Shuffle - A cycle that begins with shuffling the deck and ends when the shuffle is empty.

Depending on the type of Blackjack, special combinations with higher payout odds are allowed in the game. There may not be the possibility of insurance or sarendo. Therefore, before choosing a table, it is necessary to know clearly what game is played by the croupier, and read the rules.

Varieties of the game

In classic blackjack, one deck is involved. Depending on the combination in hand, the user can make a double, a triple (the next bet after doubling), surrender or put insurance. But during the existence of the game in the classic rules have been made additions and changes. So there were several varieties of blackjack:

  • American. If there is a draw on the table, the bet is returned to the player. The dealer stops at 17 points. When the dealer has an ace or ten, he must look at the closed card. If it gives a blackjack, the deal ends with the casino winning.

  • Open. As the name implies, the dealer shows his two cards at once. If the player and dealer have an equal number of points, the pot goes to the casino. Blackjack is paid 1 to 1. You can not make insurance or surrender.

  • Switch. The game is played in two hands. You can change the top card in the boxes to get a winning combination. The disadvantage of this type of variation in two subtleties. First, if the dealer scores 22 points, it is considered a draw. Second, regular blackjack is paid 1:1. If the combination of a single suit, the payout is 3:2.

  • "Spanish 21. There are six decks involved in the deal. If the player has collected 21 points, he will receive a payout. Blackjack from the dealer can prevent this. It is possible to make a sarendo after a dabble. For the combination of three sevens is entitled to a bonus.

The Super Fun 21 variant is played with a single deck, provides the possibility of triple splits and mandatory payouts to the player if he scores 20 points on six cards.

How to win at blackjack at online casinos - the basic strategy of the game

Newcomers mistakenly believe that success will bring a card count, but this is not the case. In land-based establishments, the security service is actively fighting with users who count the decks involved.

If you play on the slots, counting makes no sense. The deck is automatically updated after each hand. In the live game, which is led by a real croupier, you can try to count, but you need to watch the broadcast for a long time and only then make bets.

Increase the chances of success will help the basic strategy. It is based on the mathematical probability of falling out a certain combination.

According to the strategy, the player must:

  • Take more, if the hand is less than 8 points.

  • Stop when you have 17 points or more, as well as if there are two tens on the come.

  • Split a pair of aces or eights.

  • Double when the combination is 5-5, and also if the hand has 10-11 points and the dealer has up to 9.

On the Internet you can find several variations of the basic strategy, because depending on the type of game: the ability to make a split or sarendo - the algorithm can change.

Play blackjack at online casinos

Given its popularity, blackjack is easy to find at almost every virtual site. You can play on slots or with a live dealer - a professional croupier. Slots are developed by iSoftBet, Red Rake, NetEnt. Software for live games - providers Evolution and Ezugi.

To register, the user only has to:

  • Choose a site with suitable conditions.

  • Find it in the search engine, fill out the registration form.

  • Enter a promo code to get bonuses or freespins.

  • Replenish your account at the casino.

Slots possible to try out in demo mode without investing. You can watch the live dealers for free, but to make a bet, you need real money.

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