Ways on How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Fast 2023

by Zella

Online shopping is so addictive. Everyone knows the struggle of having to restrain yourself from going overboard with online shopping before you blow your bank account balance. It also doesn’t help if there is a “free shipping” service on your favorite online stores. If anything, it increases your urge to shop more and more stuff. Well, that is in fact one of the strategies to keep consumers keep coming back to their online store websites.

Amazon is no difference than any other electronic commerce companies. Not only do they offer free shipping for a lot of the stuff that is being sold on their online store but also they offer gift cards that you can use. So, if you often find yourself window shopping on their retail website then you might want to check out how to get free amazon gift card 2023 below.

Free Amazon Gift Cards 2023

Well, if you understand the concept and the function of gift cards we don’t think any form of explanation is really needed. But if you are quite new in the world of online shopping then all you need to know about Amazon gift cards (or any other gift cards in general) is that they allow you to buy stuff from respective online stores based on the amount of the gift card values, for example gift cards usually vary from $15, $30 $50, etc.

People also ask:

1. How can I get a free Amazon gift card?

2. How can I earn free Amazon gift cards?

3. What is the best app to get free gift cards?

4. Is swagbucks worth it?

Amazon gift cards can be sued to purchase digital music, kindle content and amazon video download.

If you are new in using Amazon here is how you can use your Amazon gift for digital download purposes:

You should redeem your gift cards in your account to do that go to “redeem a gift card or promotion code” and then click on “buy now”

52 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

There are a lot of ways that you can do to get free Amazon gift cards. You are probably also thinking that if this article is going to tell you one of those free amazon gift card code generator no human verification hacking methods. Well, sorry to burst your bubbles but things like that do not exist. And if you have stumbled upon those kind of websites before and you have tried them, they all turned out to be scam, right?

However, we do have some legit 52 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Fast 2023 without having to buy them.

Cashback methods

To put it simply, cashback method means you can get Amazon gift cards in exchange of purchasing something from their online shop. There are a few ways how you can do this. First, you can subscribe to all Amazon’s promotional emails to get updates. Check your email regularly because Amazon so frequently offers to give you gift cards if you purchase one of their products. If you don’t want to fill your email with promotion spam you can opt to check the coupon websites instead and look for any available promo codes as well as cashback offers that are taking place.

Ebates - Gift Site Link


For those who have never heard of Ebates before, Ebates is some kind of a promotional hub that you can use. Sign up for free and then get yourself coupons of any kind that can be used for various e-commerce websites like Amazon. In addition, Ebates also informs you how much cash back that you could make. All of this is arranged by the respective retailers. By using Ebates , you will have the opportunity to earn amazing gifts like free Amazon shipping codes or even get 25% cash back.

Chase Amazon Visa Card - Site Link

Chase Amazon Visa Card
Chase Amazon Visa Card

If you tend to use your visa card value for shopping purposes, then Amazon has something special for you. Amazon has something called Chase Credit card which will offer you 1% cash back on all kind of purchases then 2% if you make gas purchase or even you can get 3% cash back. This is highly recommended for those who frequently shop on Amazon.

GPT (Get Paid To Sites) Methods and Online Rewards

This one is a working third-party websites that can help you get free amazon gift cards. The rewards can be earned by performing simple jobs like downloading an app or playing their games. Or even something as simple as creating an account and watching videos.

Swagbucks - Gift Website


If you are a frequent on the lookout for gift card giveaways then you have definitely heard of Swagbucks. If not, then Swagbucks is a realy generous websites which will reward you with various rewards including gift cards in exchange of doing various simple jobs. You need to collect swags (their primary currency) then you can exchange those swags for rewards like Amazon gift cards.

MyPoints - Site URL


This is another GPT site that you can try to get offers you free amazon gift card 2023. They give you daily rewards so you can go there daily. Moreover, this site gives you payouts simply for watching videos or playing games. So that doubles the fun!

Prize Rebel - Gift  Website

Prize Rebel
Prize Rebel

PrizeRebel is a really popular and definitely trustworthy GPT site that many people rely on to earn free stuff and other amazing rewards. PrizeRebel is also famous for its astounding support for its users because they have a unique service where you can get reward points and use them immediately and directly from your account to purchase from Amazon right away. This definitely saves you both time and energy rather than have to get gift cards and exchange them. This saves you a lot of trouble in having to look for free amazon gift card codes 2023because you still have to redeem those before you can start using them.

RecycleBank - Gift Link


RecycleBank has a really noble purpose because they aim to have the recycle as well as educate people. You can earn points on this website then redeem the points for various prizes like Amazon gift cards obviously. The tasks they offer you to do are also different and way better and useful than other giveaway websites. Instead of having to download a third party app or subscribe to their newsletter, you have to read their articles about eco-friendly tricks or methods. If you are an environmental kind of person, this website is definitely for you.

Mechanical Turk - Gift Link

Mechanical Turk
Mechanical Turk

Maybe you often hear this as mTurk. It is actually Amazon’s own branch. This is definitely a free Amazon gift card without human verification website so if you hate doing Google Captcha thing, then this site is a big relief for you. This site is actually some kind of a crowdsourcing site and you can earn some money here doing simple tasks. The rewards will be transferred straight to your account which you can immediately spend on Amazon to purchase stuff. You can also transfer the money you make on mTurk too your bank account too. This site is really good for those who want to earn extra money on their free time.

Trading system

Have you heard about Amazon trade-in? You can sell your unused stuff there in exchange of gift cards. You don’t need to worry about shipping cost because Amazon will cover it all. So, in short this barter system is really benefiting you. Amazon primarily looks for electronic stuff like phones, music players, movies, music, etc. if you have an extensive book collection, you can trade some of your old novels for their free amazon gift cards too.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards 2023

Those are all the ultimate free amazon gift card 2023 that you can use to get yourself free Amazon gift cards. Nowadays, people rely on gift cards and every year families more often than before prefer to give gift cards as a present if they stuck on what to buy for present or if they don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking.

With people keep coming to Amazon.com at an alarming rate, we figure you would like to know about some of amazing Amazon facts so read on to find out what they are all.

1. Did you know Amazon was initially called Cadabra? Like abracadabra? Thank god they didn’t carry on with this idea because Jeff Bezos’, the Amazon CEO, lawyer misheard the word as cadaver.

2. There are two idea that started Amazon. First, he wanted to suggest scale (Amazon.com was released with “earth’s biggest bookstore” tagline). Second, website listings used to be alphabetical.

3. Amazon has a really huge warehouse. It even has more square footage than seven hundreds Madison Square Gardens and it is bigger than 10.000 olympic pools pushed together.

4. Bezo’s Garage was the first book that Amazon ever sold in July 1995.

5. The amazon logo is actually a smile shape that is meant to go from A to Z. This represent Amazon’s willingness to deliver everything to everyone, and anywhere in the world.

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Those are all some pretty sweet Amazon facts that you probably didn’t know before. Now, go get yourself some free amazon gift cards with the aforementioned free amazon gift card 2023 tricks.

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