123Movies Website, Features and Best Alternatives In 2023

by Zella

Ever wondered if there was a website you can stream and download movies and TV shows from without stress? Well, there are lots of them. One of these websites is 123Movies and we'll give you an overview of the website. We will also provide alternatives to 123movies as well as proxy websites because 123Movies is currently offline.

123MOVIES: Brief Description

123Movies is one of the best website where you have access to tons of movies and TV Shows. It is quite popular because of the quality of service it has provided since it was created. The video resolution quality of movies on the website varies depending on the type of movie. 123Movie provide all sort of movies and shows. From blockbuster movies to Hollywood movies, there are lots of movies to choose from. Coupled with the fact that you can also find movies that are still in the cinema on the website, it is a website one cannot but love.

Note: The movies that are still in the cinema are in CAMRIP video quality and is not very good.

Best Features of 123Movies

  1. Lots of movies and TV shows to watch including newly-released ones
  2. Easy to use interface that allows you to find the movie you want based on its release year and genre
  3. There are also advanced search filters on the website
  4. Has a page where you will find all the top-rated movies from IMDb website
  5. On the landing page of each Movie, as well as each episode of a TV show, 123Movies provide more than one streaming server. This means there are multiple links with which you can watch movies.
  6. Extremely fast streaming speed. This is the result of the multiple links you have access to. These also means that as long as you have a stable connection, you will enjoy buffer-free streaming.
  7. There is no need to sign-up on the website before you have access to stream movies. Also, a credit card is not required to gain access to the website.

One major problem 123Movies has is copyrights issues. The main reason for this is because newly released movies still in the cinemas are always already available on the site a few hours after it premièred. The website is always being taken down and blocked. Because of these, users from a lot of countries do not have access to the website. To stay in service and be available in as many countries as possible, 123Movies uses proxy websites as shields to protect the main website.

123Movies Proxy Sites

When a website is blocked in your country, it means users can only try but they won't be able to load the website on their browser. There are two solutions to it. One is using a proxy website and the other is using a VPN.

Proxy websites make use of a User Interface very similar and sometimes the same as that of the main website. These websites protect a website that is at the danger of being taken down or disabled. 123Movies has some of these proxy websites that allow you to access its database without actually logging on to the site. Some of them are listed below:

All of the sites listed above are proxy websites that provide the same content as the real 123movies website.

Legality and Safety Issue of 123Movies

If you are curious to know how safe 123Movies is to use, well it depends on how you access the website. Because 123Movies is a website that provides content for free, the only way it generates revenue is by ads. While ads themselves are not actually bad, it is the site that some of them are linked to that you have to beware of.

123Movies is safe to use but the websites you are redirected to by the ads might not be. The best thing to protect yourself is to have both your adblocker as well as your computer's antivirus program on and working.

Also, there is no true answer to whether it is legal to use 123Movies. This is because of the presence of movies yet to be released on the website. Since they are still in the cinema, their presence on the website is regarded as piracy, hence, it is blocked in some countries and in some countries taken down. I have to say, I haven't seen a situation where legal actions were taken against a person that watched a movie on a website known to host pirated movies. So yes, you can use it if you want.

That said, now let's talk about five very good 123Movies alternatives you can use if 123Movies website is down or unavailable.

Best 123Movies Alternatives In 2023



Talking about alternatives to 123movies, Vumoo bears lots of resemblance to 123Movies that it can't but be mentioned. Vumoo's content database is always growing with new movies and TV shows uploaded every day.

Vumoo has a well-organized layout and is user-friendly. A big percentage of the movies on the website are available to watch in High Definition (HD) quality. Also, like 123movies, you can also watch movies that are still in the cinemas although in CAM quality.

Best Features

· Well organized and user-friendly. Option to switch between Movies and TV shows available on the front page of the site.

· Lots of the movies are available in HD quality



PorncornFlix is also another interesting streaming website worth trying. You easily start watching movies the instant you load the website. it is free to use and it does not require signing up or registering. It has an easy to use interface where all the movies and TV shows are all sorted based on their genre for instance Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, and the likes. This makes it very easy to locate the movie you want to watch.

Just like 123Movies, the database is also updated every day and has no ads. The fact that it has no ads gives it a bit of an edge over the other alternatives. PopcornFlix also has mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones. This makes it easier to stream movies on mobile devices.

Note: PopcornFlix is not available in all the countries in the globe. It is restricted in some countries.

Best Features

· Movies all sorted according to their genre

· No ads on the site

· Mobile app for android and iOS devices available

· Original shows created by PopcornFlix itself are available on the website for free

Sony Crackle

Sony     Crackle
Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is owned by Sony so you can be sure of the quality. It is legal to use of course and has millions of users across the globe. All the movies and TV shows are in HD quality. You can also stream original movies and TV series from Sony on the website.

To gain access, you have to sign up or register an account on the website. it is easy to use and has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

There are ads on the website which can become a little annoying. This is because when an ad pops up, you have to wait for it to end before you can continue your stream.

Note: Sony crackle is restricted in some countries

Best Features

· A filter that alphabetically (A-Z) arranges movies according to their names is available to users

· Anime lovers will find plenty of content on the website

· You can sort movies based on their genre



Yes!Movies is a streaming website with a very good reputation for providing top quality movies for free. It also has a very huge TV series collection you should check out. Streaming on the website is very fast. The loading speed of the site's webpages is also extremely fast.

When streaming, you have the option to edit the video quality of the movie you are watching based on your device or internet connection. All the movies have English subtitles which means you don't have to worry if the movie was made in the Spanish language.

To cap it all, it also has mobile apps for Android devices. One thing that you might need to worry about is the sheer amount of ads on Yes!Movies. The ads are just too much. Too many that it can be a real work at times to stream a movie, especially if your browser's ad blocker is not powerful.

Best Features

· Movies list updated daily

· Suggestions to watch movies that are very similar to the one you just watched

· TV series and movies are available in HD quality

Solar Movies

Solar     Movies
Solar Movies

Solar Movie is a popular website with tons of movies you can watch. To put it mildly, the site is loaded with movies. There is also a section for TV series. The movies are well-sorted and you can search for a movie based on its genre, country of release, IMDB rating, etc.

The landing page of a movie provides trailers of the movie as well as other information you might want to know.

Best Features

· Movies are in high video resolution

· Tons of movies to watch

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