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Knot Basics: Creating a Collection of Symbolic Knots-5/20

by Lise Silva Gomes

Knotting connects us to the past and grounds us in the present, using hand and mind in skillful play like an active meditation.  The limitless possibilities of a single cord, connecting and intertwining, was thought by our ancestors to explain the workings of the cosmos and activate the powers of the subconscious.  From the manifestation powers of Chinese knots to the metaphysical principles in Celtic designs, craftsmen and women from around the world communicated systems of belief through knots.  By expressing our dreams through a system of symbols, knots also propel us into the future.   While also functional, knots can display powerful symbols and add eye-catching ornamentation to empty space. 

The goal of this 3 hour course is to 1) introduce the fundamental concepts of knotting and knot symbolism 2) set intention and learn how to create a knotting practice 3) learn to read knotting diagrams 3) introduce a variety of knotting techniques and brainstorm ideas for projects 4) learn how to create tassels 5) create a small collection of knots for display.  

Included in this course is cotton rope, Knot: A Book (an instructional guide) to inspire future creations, yarn for tassels in several colors for you to add to your piece. 

++Materials included in the course: 

-25 feet of cotton rope

- An instructional booklet guiding you through 12 knots and inspiring future projects

- Cardboard sizer for tassel-making

This workshop will be on Sunday May 20th from 1:30-4pm at the LPP Workshop (855 Valencia Street). Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Limited to 10 students. 

All workshops include 20% discount in the LPP shop the day of their workshop. 

If you need to cancel a class then it must be done 72 hours prior.  We only give class/store credit.  This is non-negotiable. Currently classes are 21+.


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