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Creative Jumpstart- 5/6

by Kat Koh

You’ve heard, right? The robots will soon be taking over many jobs, and your creativity is what will keep you safe in yours. Yes, creativity -- the thing that’s really important to you, and could really use some dusting off! Besides being fun, having a consistent creative practice is one of the best ways to experience flow and get noticed for thinking outside the box, in work and life.

What you’ll get in this 2.5 hour workshop:

  • Principles: Learn the 3 core principles of establishing a consistent creative practice

  • Mindset: Dissolve your blocks and gain confidence as a creative person/professional by focusing your attention on 2 things

  • Action: Choose a powerful creative practice you love and commit to it for 30 days (with support!)

  • Tools: 1) Creative Week Template 2) Creative Consistency Script


  • Tools listed above

  • Paper for activities and note-taking

  • Pens

Please bring:

  1. Your ideas: 1 specific creative practice (e.g. watercolor, hip hop dance, blogging) you’re willing to commit to for 30 days. Please come with one chosen. 

  2. Your planner/calendar (digital or paper)

  3. A notebook

This workshop will be on Sunday May 6th from 1:30-4pm at the LPP Workshop (855 Valencia Street). Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Limited to 10 students. 

All workshops include 20% discount in the LPP shop the day of their workshop. 

If you need to cancel a class then it must be done 72 hours prior.  We only give class/store credit.  This is non-negotiable. Currently classes are 21+.


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