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The Art of Doodling- 3/18

by Laura Helen Winn

Doodling is a wonderful way to help you realize your ideas, dreams, and visions. It’s a mindless activity that helps you relax and focus. What’s the difference between drawing and doodling? Drawing is for “serious artists making serious work,” or so we think. Doodling is for everyone – there are no rules, no mistakes, and no worries. Together, we’ll get curious about why we judge our drawings, and how that judgment keeps us from having fun with pens and paper. You’ll learn that sometimes the “bad” doodles turn out the best!In this class, I’ll lead you through exercises that connect your thoughts to paper, get you thinking outside the box, and get comfortable making messes. We’ll explore some drawing basics, and get familiar with all the possibilities from simple drawing supplies. Come find out what can happen when you stop demanding perfection, and start having fun with those silly ideas in your head!

Materials included.

This workshop will be on Sunday March 18th from 2-4pm at the LPP Workshop (855 Valencia Street). Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Limited to 10 students. 

All workshops include 20% discount in the LPP shop the day of their workshop. 

If you need to cancel a class then it must be done 72 hours prior.  We only give class/store credit.  This is non-negotiable. Currently classes are 21+.


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