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Creative Jumpstart for 2018 Workshop-1/20

by Kat Koh

As you know, the robots will soon be taking over many jobs, and your creativity is what will keep you safe in yours. Yes, creativity -- the part of you that might have taken a backseat to the urgent stuff in 2017. Besides being fun, having a consistent creative practice is one of the best ways to experience flow and get noticed for thinking outside the box, in work and life. 

In this class, you will:

  • choose a powerful creative practice you love that aligns with your life’s intentions

  • commit to that creative practice for 30 days (with support!)

  • get tools to have a creative week, every week

Supplies to bring to the workshop: Planner or calendar (digital or paper), notebook

This workshop will be on Saturday January 20th from 1-3:30pm at the LPP Workshop (855 Valencia Street). Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Limited to 12 students. 

All workshops include 20% discount in the LPP shop the day of their workshop. 

If you need to cancel a class then it must be done 72 hours prior.  We only give class/store credit.  This is non-negotiable. Currently classes are 21+.


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