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Indigo Art Kit

by Little Paper Planes

In this kit you will have the tools to start making your own set of indigo dyed tea towels (but you can add clothes and fabric since it will fill a 5 gallon bucket) along with an interview with  Niki Livingston who works with indigo dye, other Instagram inspirations, and some simple instructions to get you started! This kit is tested by LPP.  We not only create these kits, but use them! The kit costs $50 and is made to order.

To start indigo dying you will get the following in this kit:

• - 20 grams Pre-Reduced Indigo

• - 150 grams Reducing Agent

• - 1 pair of Gloves

• - Rubber bands

• - 2 square wood blocks

• - 4 circle wood blocks

• - clothes pins

• - 2 cotton tea towels

• You will need to provide:

• - water

• - drop cloth

• - two buckets

• - mixing stick

• - mask for fumes

**Also included is a 2.25" ART. button, indigo dyed cloth, and a 5 x 7" print that was dipped in indigo.

**They will ship within 2-3 days after we receive the order. This is shipped in a Large Flat Rate Post Office Box.  It costs $17 which is added to the $50.  We only ship in the US right now for the kits.