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Cyanotype Workshop-9/3

by Danielle Genzel

Come learn the wide experimental process of Cyanotype!  A contact photographic process that produces prints in a distinctive Cyan Color. No darkroom is needed, instead it uses the power of the sun!

First used by Botanist Anna Atkins in 1843 to create an album of algae specimens by placing objects directly on photosensitive paper, who is regarded as the first female photographer! The cyanotype process was also used to create copies of technical and architectural plans, and these copies were called blueprints; even though the cyanotype process is no longer used, any construction document or detailed plan is still referred to as a blueprint.

In this class you will learn the step by step photographic process.  First, you will experiment with different forms to create a two toned image. Next, using a transparency photo positive, you can even create a photographic image.  There will be plenty of time to experiment by combining variations of these steps.  Take the experiment further and you can even tone the cyanotypes with bleach and tea!

Materials:  Included will be a box of items to use during the class and to take home afterwards so you can continue to create cyanotypes!

This workshop will be on Sunday September 3rd from 11-1:30pm at the LPP Workshop (855 Valencia Street). Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Limited to 10 students. All workshops include 20% discount in the LPP shop the day of their workshop. 

If you need to cancel a class then it must be done 72 hours prior.  We only give class/store credit.  This is non-negotiable. Currently classes are 21+.


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