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Ladies Pin I

by Weft+Hide

For this project Emma Fineman wanted to expand the accessories line of her brand Weft + Hide. This unique set of lapel pins are designed by Fineman in her studio in Oakland, California. These pins represent issues that, as an intersectional feminist, Fineman feels very passionate about. Additionally she wanted to create a project that through her designs could help to advocate for various social justice causes.

As a collection these pins represent women’s liberation, intersectional feminism, sex positivity, LGBTQ rights, interracial love, POC love, body positivity and super sexy vibes.

By supporting this campaign and wearing these pins we are taking a step towards creating a more accepting, appreciative, and compassionate environment. This is important in a time when we are faced with major obstacles in fighting for the rights of many groups of oppressed peoples. Visibility is crucial as we try and tackle systems of oppression, and these lapel pins are one way of showing your support. Most importantly by funding this projects proceeds of your contribution will be donated to social justice organizations Planned Parenthood Federation, Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Ultra Violet. Join the movement and rep your passions and feels!


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