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2017 Ocean Calendar

by Little Paper Planes


8.5 x 11" - Was $35

13 x 19"- Was $65

For the LPP 2017 Calendar we wanted to offer a print from our California Collection.  There is something about the ocean that is hopeful and calming which during this time is something we all need.  We need to feel positive about 2017.

**For every calendar sold, LPP will donate $5 to the ACLU.

We added the quote "In Search for the Miraculous" which references the 1970’s artist Bas Jan Ader who got into a sailboat and went on a quest for that search. "In 1975 Ader embarked on what he called “a very long sailing trip.” The voyage was to be the middle part of a triptych called “In Search of the Miraculous,” a daring attempt to cross the Atlantic in a 12½ foot sailboat. "

The large format edition are 36 x 36" Posters and are offered individually.They are printed with a Black and White Laser printer in halftone on 20lb. Matte paper. (20lb paper is thin and Laser prints have a photocopy feel.) Please note this is NOT a high quality print, it is more like a large photocopy. The printer we use is typically used for line work/drawings not full grayscale, so each poster is different.  Some are lighter, some darker, and some may show a blip here or there of the toner. 

The sizes reflect actual paper size, not image size. The poster is a square. There is a small white border.  Please note a printed image can vary in color than what you see on your computer monitor.

This print is shipped in a mailing tube.

The smaller prints are 8.5 x 11" and 13 x 19". They are printed with Epson Ultra Chrome archival inks on Hahnemuhle German etching paper. The sizes reflect actual paper size, not image sizeThe calendars are not in an edition.

**The second image shows the scale of the large poster.