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Class of 2014 Limited Edition LPP Scarf

by Trey Wright

Little Paper Planes is pleased to introduce our November 2015 artist, Trey Wright, and to offer a limited edition silk scarf.

Trey Wright observes and skewers contemporary visual media from inside. Working in advertising production, he’s knows how images are made, he understands the illusion and nevertheless finds fun in the seductive quality of  glossy images. Disassembling fashion magazines, he creates awkward tableaux that goof on the seamlessness of Photoshopped fashion shoots. Appropriately, his a edition for Little Paper Planes is a piece of apparel, a scarf printed with every figure from one issue of a magazine, dancing out of context across red silk.

The print on the scarf is composed of silhouettes and fragments gathered and sorted from magazines. Inspired by the class pictures, historical war paintings, consumer culture and lots of color. 

26"x26"digitally printed on silk chiffone

It comes in an edition of 25 + artists proofs.

To read our interview with Trey:


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