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LPP+ Residency Publication: How to Finish a Thought by Emily Tareila

by Little Paper Planes

LPP+ publications act as a tangible extension of the residency program. Emily was our LPP + Resident in March 2014. This publication has Emily’s drawings of positive antidotes as daily mantras. "This book is filled with tidbits and snippets from some of those mindmaps: mantras that need to stand up on their own, maybe in a shrine, maybe next to your bed, maybe on your desk or table." The 30-pages (front and back) book measures 5 x 5" and is printed both full-color and spiral bound with a stand. The booklets come in an edition of 50.  This publication is printed and bound at the LPP shop in San Francisco, CA.  Design and layout by Nayeli Nava and Loren Crosier.

Emily Tareila is an artist and facilitator in San Francisco, California. Her work explores how we chronicle our lives and how those approaches influence the ways in which people come together. She does so through performance projects, prose, books and zines, drawings, social practice and a lot of dinner parties. She received a BA from Bennington College in 2010 and is originally from Frenchtown, New Jersey. In addition to her practice, Emily is also an undergraduate advisor at California College of the Arts and co-curator of the gallery at 18 Reasons.


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