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Jeremy August Haik Print 8, pctrl//gd//t//th//strs

by Jeremy August Haik

Little Paper Planes is pleased to introduce our February 2015 artist, Jeremy August Haik, and to offer eight exclusive prints of his work.

Photographer Jeremy Haik is knows his tools, from film to pixels, and knows their limits.  These limits are what concern him, because while limits circumscribe what we can know and see, limits shift as new ideas are born, and old ones die.  The avante garde becomes the old guard. Playing with the way images, monuments and knowledge decay, Haik’s pictures are reminders of the twin promises and pitfalls of progress.  

These prints are 8.5 x 11" and 17 x 22" and are offered individually. They are printed with Epson Ultra Chrome archival inks on Velvet Fine Art paper. The sizes reflect actual paper size, not image size. Each print is hand numbered, in an edition of 50, along with Jeremy’s signature on the back of each print. Each print also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity printed on the back as well. This print is exclusive to Little Paper Planes.

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