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Kuska Cup

by Bush Smarts

Our Kuksa merges heritage with performance. It has the traditional shape of a wooden cup from the Scandinavian Arctic, but is made from eco-safe resin that is incredibly durable and lightweight and doesn’t absorb flavors. Another update is a hi-viz reflective cord for keeping track of your nightcap around camp. We feel our Kuksa is a bit of history handsome enough to carry on the outside of our packs, freeing up valuable space inside. + CUP wood and eco-friendly resin safe to burn for disposal dishwasher safe made in Finland + CORD leather toggle / clasp hi-viz reflective cord hand-manufactured by Bush Smarts in New York +


6.5" long x 3.5"

wide x 2.5"

deep 7.10 fl oz

capacity 3oz


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