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Garden Estate

by The Velvet Cell

Garden Estate, by Fergus Jordan

The Velvet Cell presents Garden Estate by Fergus Jordan, examining the legacy of the north of Ireland’s first heroin epidemic, which devastated a 1970’s council estate on the edge of Ballymena called Dunclug.

Jordan’s work is a deep encounter with Dunclug’s labyrinth of footpaths and rat runs, dead ends and cul-de-sacs. The work reflects upon the impact of more than a decade of social dysfunction, in which authorities failed to control the influx of hard drugs to the street. By opening our eyes to the dark corners of this neighbourhood and its residual landscapes, this series reveals the tensions and social complexities of a broken society on the periphery.

Foreword by Fergus Jordan

Essay by Mirjami Schuppert

Designed by Alex McCooke

32 pp / 240 x 300 mm

Sewn Binding, 4 Colour Offset

ISBN 978-1-908889-18-8

October 2013

Limited Edition of 750



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