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Jason Gowans, Untitled 5, "A Law That Is Implied Without Being Said" Photograph

by Jason Gowans

Little Paper Planes is pleased to introduce our February 2014 artist, Jason Gowans, and to offer five exclusive photographs.

Jason Gowans understands photography, and he understands what we, as viewers, look for in photographs; how we search for context, intent, veracity. Using the physical processes of photography, he offers us something we weren’t expecting: an expansive landscape inside a strange wooden armature, a white void that casts an inexplicable shadow.  The compositions appeal formally, but jar us narratively; not telling us the story we expected to be told.

A Law That Is Implied Without Being Said

7 3/4” x 8 3/4 “ 

Silver Gelatin Prints.

Edition of 12 each

A separate certificate comes with each one, all signed, numbered and dated.

These photographs were made in the darkroom from 4x5 negatives and contact printed on paper.They are evidence and witness to a process of photography that is as old as the medium itself. For traditionalists, a contact print is the purest form of black and white printing. Despite the associations with analog tradition, the images are multilayered and the authenticity of the photograph is immediately called into question.

To view Jason’s interview, go here.

**There is no white border, this photograph is full bleed.