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by Radio Sebastian

I grew up in the suburbs. As a child, the giant indoor shopping malls always held out the promise of some kind of magic. There was just so much stuff in them that I excitedly wandered around hoping to find something special in a little nook on a shelf. I almost always left disappointed, but continued to enter each new store with a renewed sense of wonder and hope. The magic of those stores is gone for me, but the wonder of what lies over the next hill or around the corner remains. I imagine secret portals revealing hidden worlds at every turn, invisible phenomena just waiting to bleed through the edges of perception. 

My artwork involves making these invisible instances visible. I might make a crack in a wall, or tap a faucet into that wall, to a realm of brightly colored flowers inside waiting to flow out. I might take a photo of a person and draw all the unseen shine spirits floating around her. Or I might find the unconscious wanderings of the mind through drawings in the margins of class notes and merge them together to create windows to another world. These windows into other worlds stacked on top of our own don’t just call attention to amazing places that we can’t visit or don’t notice; they emphasize the wonder of each person behind their faces and down into their eyes.

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