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by Jenny Brown

My work from 2011 through 2013 focuses on my exploration of creating harmony amongst elements of the natural world. I bring together seemingly different species to create a single entity, and strive to show how something beautiful can blossom from an unlikely pairing of creatures. In this melding of plant an animal, I discover flowers cascading from the darkest corners of nature, sea creatures reaching out of the ocean to exist in a world of light, and dying roots tangling with new blooms to capture one last breath. I have a special interest in working with found materials, and have incorporated antique collage pieces into these works.  For me, collection is as important as the actual creation of my work. I like to think of the use of these materials as bringing new life to long forgotten stories-much like I see the images of plants in my drawings bringing new life to perhaps a long lost creature timidly emerging from the depths of the sea.

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