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by Emily Tareila

I am always thinking about the way things fit together: people, conversations, experiences, words, research, stories, colors, objects-- how moments take shape and hold each other in stillness and action. This inherently provides a multifaceted practice that includes drawing, photography, writing, zines, embroidery, consultation, congregation, cooking, sharing, performance and songwriting. I make careful lines and find deep satisfaction in marking moments that I overhear, that out of context could be heavy or humorous or tender or in the best cases, all three.

I am passionate about finding ways to bring people together: to share resources, to seek out answers and questions beyond traditional lenses of exploration. I am interested in how people speak about themselves, their practices, their work-- and how we can begin to listen to each other and create environments, platforms and opportunities for thoughtful discourse. My work hopes to support communities of artists to come together, to become interested in each other, share resources, connect and collaborate.

Price available upon inquiry.

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