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Amelia Midori Miller Print 1, Looming

by Amelia Midori Miller

Little Paper Planes is pleased to introduce our first February 2013 artist, Amelia Midori Miller , and to offer seven exclusive prints of her work as well as five original paintings that were used for the prints.

Painter Amelia Midori Miller strips painting to some of its most matter of fact elements, layers, color, fields and line. But her simplification lays bare the process of discovery that each painting holds for Miller, and in turn for us, as we puzzle through hidden clues and obscured information, piecing together a sense of materiel process from the evidence in a picture.

These prints are 8.5 x 11" and are offered individually. They are printed with Epson Ultra Chrome archival inks on Velvet Fine Art paper. The sizes reflect actual paper size, not image size. Each print is hand numbered, in an edition of 50, along with Amelia’s signature on the back of each print. Each print also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity printed on the back as well. This print is exclusive to Little Paper Planes.

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