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Rebecca Najdowski Print 6

by Rebecca Najdowski

Little Paper Planes is pleased to introduce our first 2013 artist, Rebecca Najdowski, and to offer seven exclusive prints of her work.

Rebecca Najdowski’s photographs exemplify the way fictions can feel realer than unvarnished experience. Inverted, tilted, chemically saturated, her images speak to the way we conceptualize the iconic deserts, spangled skies and tangled branches she photographs. Keenly aware of the way we overlay fantasy, science and myth onto our world, Rebecca reveals those diverging possibilities in a single image.

The large format edition are 48 x 36" Posters and are offered individually. They are printed with a Black and White Laser printer in halftone on 20lb. Matte paper. (20lb paper is thin and Laser prints have a photocopy feel.) This kind of printing is often used for architectural and engineering prints so they are a lo-fi aesthetic. Halftone printing is similar in how newspapers are produced.  When looking closely, they appear to be more dot like though when looking from afar is when you see the image.  These pieces are meant to be viewed that way, not up close. The second two images are detail shots.

The sizes reflect actual paper size, not image size.  There is a small white border.  Please note a printed image can vary in color than what you see on your computer monitor.

The prints come in an edition of 50, signed with Rebecca’s signature printed small in the white border.

The original imagery of this limited edition print is a photogram. It was created through a camera-less, analogue, photographic technique that exposes objects directly placed on light-sensitive paper and utilizes traditional darkroom processes to develop a one-of-a-kind print resulting in a “negative” of the object.

This print is exclusive to Little Paper Planes.

To read her interview:

To watch her video piece, Black Sun, 2010:



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