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Great Outdoors Craft Kit

by Nancy Straughan

Great outdoors themed craft making kit with three printed designs including herbs and seeds, perfect for those who love the great outdoorsReady to get crafty? Here’s what you get in this lovely little kit:- Three pieces of specially printed fabric- Some pretty coloured embroidery thread- Four jazzy buttons- Some marvellously useful trimmingsWith these special supplies you can have fun creating some lovely objects for you and your home. All you’ll need is a little bit of crafty skill and time! So, ready to begin your first craft project? Here’s a few ideas of what you can make :Pin Cushion / Soft Toy / Bunting / Mini Patchwork / Buttoned Pouch / Coasters / Little Bag / Lavender Pillow / Framed Embroidery / Fabric Bookmark / Brooch / Coin Purse / Applique some Fabric / Drawstring Bag / Patch up some worn Denim / Or give the kit as a gift!