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Art as a Musicular Principle Publication

by Little Paper Planes

The LPP Exhibit Series expands how we experience an exhibition through various media and mediums as well as assisting in the engagement and momentum of collecting art ephemera.

The ninth volume of The LPP Exhibit Series is ’Art as a Musicular Principle’ (6/4- 7/17/2012).

This publication is an extension of our online exhibitions as an additional platform for the artists to expand on their concepts with words or images. The publications bridges the ephemeral media of the internet back to a tangible object.

Wallace Berman, as chronicled by his son Tosh in Blastitude #13, was as fastidious about his choice of music by which to work (John Coltraine, The Kinks, Roxy Music,...) as he was with the artwork on which he labored. Berman’s alluring verifax collages frequently mirror his musical attraction with their repeated inclusion of transistor radios hosting miscellaneous surface images ranging from the everyday to the arcane, while often transmitting Hebrew letters that mystically conjure Cabbalistic significance. Berman’s "visualization of sound" is the inspiration for the grouping of works in "Art as a Musicular Principle"

Artists: Wallace Berman,

Curated by Craig Leonard.

View the exhibition here.