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The Great Beyond Publication

by Little Paper Planes

The LPP Exhibit Series expands how we experience an exhibition through various media and mediums as well as assisting in the engagement and momentum of collecting art ephemera.

The eighth volume of The LPP Exhibit Series is ’The Great Beyond’ (4/23- 5/31/2012).

This publication is an extension of our online exhibitions as an additional platform for the artists to expand on their concepts with words or images. The publications bridges the ephemeral media of the internet back to a tangible object.

The works in The Great Beyond are all intrinsically connected by the notion of the universe, be it expanding or shrinking depending on your view. From our nearest surroundings of dust and dirt, to the furthest visible light, the works contemplate our place within the universe, relative to various factors of time, light, perspective, and memory. How do we perceive what is close at hand compared to the vastness beyond? How does our romantic notion of the universe shift when we are presented with raw data? Perhaps this data can again be transformed into something emotive or humorous. The exhibit begins here on our own ground, at the microscopic level, and ever mindful of our particular place and potential, works out towards the great beyond.

Artists: Leah Beeferman, Sarah Hotchkiss, Kija Lucas, Scott Massey, Sreshta Rit Premnath, and Stephanie Prussin

The 42-page (front and back) book measures 8.5 x 5.5" and is printed both full-color on bright white paper with a purple cover. The booklets come in an edition of 50, all hand numbered. This publication is printed and bound at the LPP HQ in Oakland, CA.

Curated by Hillary Wiedemann.

View the exhibition here.