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Abstraction in Canada Publication

by Little Paper Planes

The LPP Exhibit Series expands how we experience an exhibition through various media and mediums as well as assisting in the engagement and momentum of collecting art ephemera.

The seventh volume of The LPP Exhibit Series is ’Abstraction in Canada’ (3/5- 4/20/2012).

This publication is an extension of our online exhibitions as an additional platform for the artists to expand on their concepts with words or images. The publications bridges the ephemeral media of the internet back to a tangible object.

My view of Canadian abstraction has always involved a distanced fascination. As a new genre artist, I’m baffled at the resilience of this particular mode of painting in my native land. Why are so many Canadian artists continuing to paint abstractly? This is the single question I ask each of the artists to answer as participants in this online project.

Artists: Alison Shields,

Curated by Otino Corsano

View the exhibition here.