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Two Point Oh Publication

by Little Paper Planes

The LPP Exhibit Series expands how we experience an exhibition through various media and mediums as well as assisting in the engagement and momentum of collecting art ephemera. 

The sixth volume of The LPP Exhibit Series is ’Two Point Oh’ (1/17- 2/29/2012). 


The internet has been a site for art since before the current pervasiveness of home and portable computing. In the 1990’s and early 2000’s artists produced Net Art, often by creating a web page in which a work or a group of works was sited. While these artists were indeed venturing into new territory, their works were and continue to be challenged by specific limitations: how does one present, maintain and drive traffic/viewers to a URL? Should the work become archived? Preserved on a disc or database do interactive elements become null and void?


This publication is an extension of our online exhibitions as an additional platform for the artists to expand on their concepts with words or images.  The publications bridges the ephemeral media of the internet back to a tangible object.

The Artists:  Constant Dullaart, Ian Dolton-Thornton, Ryan Trecartin, Sabrina Ratté, Pronunciation Book, Kalup Linzy, Sara Ludy, David Horvitz, Chris E. Vargas and Greg Youmans, and Jeremy Deller.

The 32-page (front and back) book measures 8.5 x 5.5" and is printed both full-color on bright white paper with a fluorescent yellow cover. The booklets come in an edition of 50, all hand numbered.  This publication is printed and bound at the LPP HQ in Oakland, CA.

Curated by Jackie Im and Aaron Harbour

Two Point Oh - online exhibition