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Summer Bounty Poster

by Debbie Carlos

What a mess. A half eaten peach, an egg thrown on the floor, cut up melon, jalapenos everywhere. It makes a pretty darn cool poster though!

Large b/w poster approx. 48"x 36", printed in halftone on 24 lb bond paper using a plotter -- a large format printer mainly used to produce architectural and engineering prints. This kind of printing lends a rough and textural aesthetic to the image. It almost looks antiqued.

Halftone printing is similar to how images are produced for newspapers or magazines. Held up close, the images will look like a series of dots in various tones of grey to black but looking at it from afar, will reveal a photograph -- a really cool, graphic effect. Pieces as large as these are customarily and most comfortably viewed from at least four feet away.

**The second image shows the color photograph, but we are only offering the b/w version.


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