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Mike Calway-Fagen Print 5

by Mike Calway-Fagen

Little Paper Planes is pleased to introduce our first March 2012 artist, Mike Calway-Fagen, and to offer six exclusive prints of his work. 

Mike Calway Fagan’s work straddles a strange space between eeriness, humor and grace.  Using materials that range from direct, simple collages to sculptures incorporating animal parts, vintage doo-dads, his combinations evoke the actions of a cataloguer, a prankster and a mourner all at once.

These are large format  36 x 48" prints that are more "poster like" and are offered individually. They are printed with a Black and White Laser printer in halftone on 20lb. Matte paper. (20lb paper is thin and Laser prints have a photocopy feel.) This kind of printing is often used for architectural and engineering prints so they are a lo-fi aesthetic. Halftone printing is similar in how newspapers are produced.  When looking closely, they appear to be more dot like though when looking from afar is when you see the image.  These pieces are meant to be viewed that way, not up close.

This print is shipped in a mailing tube.

Each print comes in an edition of 50, all hand numbered with a printed signature of Mike’s under the image.

To read his interview:

To see him on LPP TV: