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Museums Three Art Collection (Zines and Prints)

by Museums Press

MUSEUMS THREE is the fourth Museums Press release and the third in a line of multi-part, compilation style packages. Itcontains two newspapers, two booklets, one risograph print, one photographic print and one screenprinted comic supplementfrom Nick Ainsworth, Miriam Avery, David Bailey, Andrew Beswick, Matthias Connor, Heather Rose Dominic, Jess Higgins, Jess Hilliard, Freek Lomme, Rachel McFarlane, R L Perry, Owen Richards, Brion Nuda Rosch, Julia Scott, Edwin Stevens, Ethan Swan, Matthew Walkerdine and Seb Wheeler as well as interviews with Simon Joyner and Tao Lin, and screenprinting skills from Lucy Jones.

2 Newspapers//2 Booklets//1 Risograph Print//1 Photographic Print//1 Screenprinted comic supplement