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Business in the Front; Party in the Back

by Samantha Roth

Sculpey, paint, 8 x 6 x 4 inches each set approximately. (3 Sets)


“Business in the Front; Party in the Back” is a set of five sculptures modeled from the artists growing collection of found, purchased and commissioned vessels. Interested in the vessel as a medium of containment, an object to be observed in the round, a historical and timeless necessity, a sign of everyday domestic space and a component of the trope of the still life, Roth’s collection serves as a reminder of the varied versions of this simple thing.


The five recreated shapes were hand built using a colorful craft clay material, and painted silver on one half of each object. A nod towards value and worth, the flattening and flattering silver paint also suggests a “front” and “back” to shapes that would otherwise suggest infinite roundness. It brings an air of “professionalism” and unification, while also literally highlighting the potential for oscillation between their many functions.


The vase or pot also acts as a subtle reminder of the sculptural question of accumulation or removal of material embedded in any built or carved object. The imperfections and inaccuracies allow for moments of individuality within the sculptures as they flip between mirroring one another and being completely separate entities. They were created in a set of three, so that their parallels and divergences are highlighted through their multiplicity.


The title “Business in the Front; Party in the Back” is a phrase coined in relationship to the hidden hairdo; a rattail, mullet or other unexpected surprise lurking behind a seemingly conservative glimpse. It relates formally to the appearance of the work, and also humorously reminds viewers of the space between an object and an image, a façade and a foundation, a silhouette and a structure.

Price available upon inquiry.

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