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Brion Nuda Rosch Book

by Little Paper Planes

Brion Nuda Rosch is Little Paper Planes first published book!

Brion Nuda Rosch’s works—consisting of collages, paintings, installations, social projects and video—are inviting yet unpredictable. Through basic maskings, removals, and additions, he plumbs the profundity of placing one idea upon another, producing results not unlike a warm, soft chuckle. Rosch’s works function as signposts and touchstones of his own investigation into his singular understanding of the world.

(Foreword by Zachary Royer Scholz)

8 x 9.5 in., 90 pages, Full-color offset printing100lb matte text / soft 120lb cover, Perfect-boundReleased March 2010Limited run of 1000ISBN 978-0-615-33090-7

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