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Unbreak My Heart, Say You Love Me Again Book

by Ditte Ejlerskov

This publication is produced in collaboration with galleri Ping Pong in Malmö, and was finalized in March 2009. It covers three branches of artistic practice – all linked under the same title Unbreak my heart, say you’ll love me again. It is a soft-cover book with 96 pages and a poster.

The first part presents the encyclopedia piece, a white sculptural installation. This piece literally illustrates the cultivation and the mind-mapping of artistic practice, including the countless dilemmas related to it. In this part the artist’s own encyclopedic system is unfolded with observations by art historian Natalia Gutman and curator Elena Tzotzi. The second part depicts an arrangement of eight paintings. The paintings are each measurements of formalistic methods, as well as figuratively telling the story of the overall title of this book. The third part of the book describes the artist’s interest in the all-coherent master painting. It illustrates her meeting the aim of executing this type of work herself.


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