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Below are our rents for renting out part of the shop:

We look for like-minded people who share similar aesthetics. If you think what you make is a good fit for the shop and are looking to expand your audience with a space to display and sell, then email us with a link to your work and the days you are looking to be in the shop.

Pictured above is the space you will get, along with the window next to it. You can use any display items we have available or bring your own. Our pop-ups are for smaller objects/products. This isn’t for clothing or large pieces. Bring your own way of taking sales. Since we are charging a flat fee, all the sales you make are yours to keep.

Saturdays: $500
Sundays: $400
Both days: $800

November 26th through the end of December: $1000 per day

On our end: We will make sure to promote your pop-up on all social media platforms, newsletters, and in-store flyers. We want this to be a great experience for you and for us! Let’s collaborate!

Email [email protected] with the subject line: Pop-Up Submission.