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For Uniforma's second small collection we wanted to focus on the concept of "uniform" in a literal iteration. I am someone who always has a uniform.  I create an outfit that I wear for a week.  This might be due to working at home for over 9 years or out of laziness, either way, uniforms work well for me.  For the first apparel uniform I wanted it to be blue chambray, simple and minimal, though I am sure the future ones will evolve to other styles, fabrics and patterns.  The other piece I wanted was a tote bag that was functional,  though extremely special which is why I teamed up with Erika who hand dyed and wove the textiles.  All three pieces were made in Oakland, CA by Anthony.

Why Palm Safari? I love palm trees.

To view the complete Look Book go here.

-Kelly Lynn Jones

Thanks to Cortney Cassidy and Josh Franta for going on the Palm Safari with me.

Also thanks to Carrie Hott's art objects we used as props.

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