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Est. 2004
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Within my practice, I have been investigating the role of authorship and our relationship with the objects we make, buy, find and/or are given as gifts.  I am interested in what meaning we put into the "aura" of an object once it becomes ours and how they create a certain identity of "who we are". This is one perception and is a judgement on face value, however some truth or insight of who an individual is does lie within the objects they own. For a couple years now, I have been re-making objects found online, found at friends houses or art spaces.   Recently, I wanted to see how my art objects of "real" objects could translate back into a utilitarian function.  With the same modes of making, I created vases and bowls both decorative and useful, but also existing as a singular art object.  These pieces can not be duplicated, therefore are a one-off.

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-Kelly Lynn Jones

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