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I have always been interested in the alternate worlds we visit when we sleep -- worlds so similar to the “real” one we occupy while awake, but completely different. In dreams, we interact with the same people we know from our waking lives, yet who in dreams might also be faceless. Navigating a dream can be completely wonderful but also slightly sinister, like being lost in that place beyond the looking glass. One often only remembers what happened in the dream in the first moments after waking up. Details become hazier as the day goes by until, finally, they mostly disappear.

The dream-life has always been an important well artists, writers, and theorists have drawn from in their work. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung’s theories on dreams still make up a large part of what we think about personality and development. Work from the symbolists, expressionists, and surrealists has explored weird dream worlds. It is difficult to think of any sort of contemporary art that is simply representational. Such imagery is so prevalent  that it is even used in much of the advertising we see today.

Debbie Carlos is a photographer based out of Chicago, Il. See her work on the Little Paper Planes site and on her personal website.
Image Sources:

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