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LPP's Curated Walls

Since 2004 we have been working with and selling artists' work.  Most of the art we feature are prints from archival digital, letterpress, etchings and silkscreens.  All pieces are unique in their own right and present an affordable option to artists, art lovers and beginner collectors.  We all love originals, but we cannot all afford them so prints allows us to collect work of art that we are drawn to whether it be technique, aesthetics or a conceptual idea.

Collecting art is a very personal thing.  We all have our own ideas of what is art and what looks good, but sometimes it can get overwhelming when confronted with a large white wall.  Since we have over 300 prints we decided to help you, the viewers and curate a bi-monthly collection from our studio.  So here is our first LPP's Curated Walls.

**we are just using silver clips to hang work salon style, but if we were framing this collection, we would love a thin white wood and have the prints mounted on foam board so they float in the middle.

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