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Color is a simple yet powerful thing. I wasn’t completely aware of this until I spent three weeks traveling through Northern India this last January where energetic colors seemed to surround me daily in the most unexpected places. When I returned home to my Chicago apartment in the middle of winter everything seemed rather gray and uninspired in comparison. I missed the way color seemed to effortlessly breathe substance into the ordinary. With spring beginning and my nostalgia for India growing I have been making a constant effort to incorporate vivid colors into my days whether they appear in my wardrobe, my apartment walls, or my studio practice. I find myself fascinated and surprised by new color combinations that have the power to ignite emotions and bring things to life in new and meaningful ways which is exactly what this particular set off LPP prints I have chosen are doing.

-Curated by Alysia Alex

**All photos are by Alysia Alex

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